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Revolutionise Every Room With Smart Plugs

The latest addition to the Wiser family of products, the Smart Plug, is changing the way we interact with our household devices. The little gadget works by simply plugging into a standard socket and then electrical appliances it’s connected to can be controlled remotely via an app. This subsequently increases the control you have over your devices – want to turn on your lights remotely and on a timer? Now you can. What control your devices with Alexa Voice Commands? Easy. Always worrying about leaving appliances on? You can double-check your sockets through your phone; the advantages they have are endless. However, as we have discussed some of these in other articles, today we wanted to consider how each room in your house could be (drastically) changed for the better with just a few Smart Plugs. So, let’s begin:


The Living Room  

Deciding to start near the door and work our way up, the average Living Room is open to several creative transformations with Smart Plugs. When it comes to the big devices, you’ll be able to switch them on or off effortlessly with either your phone (meaning you’ll no longer need more than one remote) or with your voice (eliminating that final remote!). Alternatively, if you religiously sit down to watch a game show every evening you can schedule your TV to be on and ready for you 5 minutes before your programme starts.

What if game consoles are more your family’s thing? Well, if you want to limit the amount of time the kids spend on them, you can set a time limit that they’re allowed to be switched on for per day. You can also set similar restrictions for yourself if that new game you’re getting through is too addicting.

And then there’s added security. These devices are all quite valuable right? Well, you can use your phone to turn on your living room lamp with a Smart Plug, maybe even to leave your TV on for a bit, whilst you’re away. These extra insurances ensure you’ll be doing everything within your power to deter would-be thieves which, given the number of opportunistic burglaries that occur unplanned, might have invaluable worth.


The Kitchen

Smart Plugs really come into their own when it comes to preparing consumables. If you usually start your morning with a hot coffee a smart plug can boil the kettle for you just as you’re getting up. Equally, if you’re going to be microwaving something for breakfast this can be done automatically as well, meaning you’ll be saving time that might be vital to you during the morning rush. Fast forward to the end of the day, if you normally dread cooking after a long work shift, then you can have prepared food heated for you for exactly when you arrive home using a slow cooker.

Meanwhile if you’re more the energy-conscious type, Smart Plugs can be utilised to great effect in the kitchen. For instance, say you only use your toaster in the morning 99 days out of 100, you could schedule that device to only be switched on between 8 -10am. In addition, you can track how much energy each electrical appliance is consuming in your kitchen, so when it comes time to get that new blender or whatever it may be, you can pick out more efficient devices! Finally, owing to the fact most our kitchens are situated at the back of our homes, we’re all guilty of occasionally leaving lights or other gadgets on overnight from time to time. Well with Smart Plugs, you can schedule when you want all your devices off by, perfect for saving electricity during the small hours!


The Study or Den

When it comes to your personal work space, Smart Plugs aim to revolutionise the comfort you’re already striving for. With the help of IFTTT they can help integrate all of the systems within your study, from individual electrical appliances to your Smart Thermostats, with several smartphone apps like Life 360. Moreover, the convenience you experience in your study can be enhanced through Smart Plugs by connecting them to the Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa, meaning all you’ll need to do is say when the printer needs to be on or your laptop needs charging.

For some us, our private study room may come in the form of a Den or even a converted shed. If your central heating system isn’t extended to cover this area, then Smart Plugs can be used in order to switch on space heaters or electrical fans before you get home. With permanent control of these devices on your phone, you can say goodbye to a den that’s always slightly too hot or cold, whilst simultaneously making it safer as you’ll be less likely to leave that heater on! 


The Bedroom

Similar to the kitchen, you can transform both your morning and evening experiences with the effective use of Smart Plugs. At the start of the day, you can have your bedside lights turn on automatically to help avoid sleeping through the alarm. You can schedule the radio to be on for just an hour, so you don’t have to worry about switching it off. Furthermore, you can have your beard trimmer or hair straighteners charge and heat-up before use respectively, reducing the burden and the stress that getting ready for work can sometimes be.

Finally, when it comes to the evening, Smart Plugs can go even further. If you have young children bedside lights can be, you guessed it, switched off far away from their rooms, meaning the fear of accidentally waking them up by stumbling across their room is dealt with. If you’re the type of person that likes to fall asleep listening to music or podcasts the issue of potentially leaving your radio on all night can also be resolved!

And do you want to know the best part of Smart Plugs? Their uses are pretty limitless! We’re certain that if you give them a go that you’ll think of even more creative ways to reinvent the way you interact with each and every room in your household than we have managed here.


Let the revolution begin!

Begin the revolution today and transform every room of your home using Wiser smart plugs and other products from our diverse range. Wiser Smart Plugs are build with Efficiency and Safety at their core, making them the perfect addition to your Wiser family. So, if you wish to find out more, you can use our product selector, fill out our contact form, or discover more Ways Smart Plugs Will Change Your Life here.