Reassuringly simple to save money on your home heating

Wiser is the smart home system that helps you make sense of your energy, so you can make a meaningful impact on your spending.


Compatibility with your Panasonic Aquarea Heat Pump

Wiser makes it simple to manage your energy usage with smart features like Eco Mode and Away Mode and also allows you to only heat rooms when you need to. The easy-to-use Wiser Home app lets you set schedules for each individual room and Moments lets you group functions together at the touch of a button. As well as the app, you can also make changes within the room by boosting the Wiser smart room and radiator thermostats. Once Wiser is installed, you can link your Panasonic account through the Wiser Home app to display Heat Pump status, heating zone temperature and hot water cylinder temperature.  By connecting to your smart meter, Insights+ gives you details on how energy is being used to heat your home and provides tips on ways you can save energy.

Get a handle on your energy spend

Wiser has some really useful features to help you stay in control of your energy usage. Eco Mode adapts the heating schedule based on learned thermal characteristics and weather data to maximise efficiency, and using Away Mode is ideal when leaving the home as it lets you set a low temperature across all of your zones at the touch of a button.

Wiser also features Insights with Heat Report that lets you view your usage and shows you how much energy the Wiser smart modes have saved. If you have a compatible smart meter, you can link this to your Wiser account and for even more detailed analysis of your energy usage.



Explore the Wiser product range

Start with one of our kits, and build to a full multi-room Wiser system over time by adding Smart Radiator Thermostats, the Underfloor Heating Controller, or the Electrical Heat Switch. Plus, expand your smart home with individual products like our smart plug, for even more control of your energy use. All in one system, all managed via one app.

Thermostat Kit 1

The Wiser Kit 1 is a single channel and works alongside your existing heat pump controls to manage the Wiser devices and tell the heat pump when there is demand for heat.

Thermostat kit 3

The Wiser Kit 3 performs the same functions as Kit 1 in terms of device management but gives two outputs which when wired to the heat pump can choose between two different flow temperatures for the respective zones.

Kit add ons

Smart Radiator Thermostat

Connected directly to your boiler, our smart radiator thermostat enables you to control the on/off times and temperatures of individual rooms of your home. Purchase individually as an add-on to any of our core kits.

Wiser Plug

Our smart plug works with your Wiser heating system and boosts the RF signal across your home. Monitor, control and set schedules for your electrical devices, all from our app.

Smart Room Thermostat

Our Smart Room Thermostat gives you complete control of your heating and lets you do your bit for the planet. Our wireless thermostat lets you set your own comfort zones and schedule temperatures hour by hour, every day of the week.

Electric Heat Switch

Control your electrical heating devices such as, electrical underfloor heating or electric towel rails, in the Wiser Home app with the Electrical Heat Switch.

Underfloor Heating Controller

Integrate your existing (or new) wet underfloor heating into your Wiser system and control all your heating from one app.

Why buy direct from Wiser?

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