Do Smart Thermostats Save Money?

Wiser is the smart home system that helps you make sense of your energy, so you can make a meaningful impact on your spending.

Get a handle on energy spends with Wiser

We all know to switch the lights off when we leave a room, or to fill the kettle with only what's needed. Whilst a little goes a long way, we want to help you take real control of your energy so you can keep on top of what you are using, spending and, most importantly, saving.

Wiser makes it simple to manage your energy use, predict spend and set your own budgets.With savings of 19% with multi-room control alongside a further 16% saving with smart features such as Away Mode and Eco Mode, you have the power to save up to 30% on your annual energy bills*.

Wiser, at the heart of your more energy efficient home

With 91% of the UK population concerned about the rising cost of living, we all need to find ways to spend less.

Wiser has helped families across the country make sense of and feel in control of their energy use, saving up to 30%* on heating bills per year in the process.

Smarter controls save energy

Research shows upgrading basic Class 1 heating controls to a best practice thermostat saves 12%* more energy alone, and 6% more with a smart, internet-connected thermostat like Wiser, thanks to its better control.

Room to room control

Save up to 19% in energy usage by only heating the rooms you are using with individual control of each radiator, all controlled with the Wiser Home App.

Explore the Wiser product range

Start with one of our kits, and build to a full multi-room Wiser system over time by adding Smart Radiator Thermostats, the Underfloor Heating Controller, or the Electrical Heat Switch. Plus, expand your smart home with individual products like our smart plug, for even more control of your energy use. All in one system, all managed via one app.

Smart Heating Kits

Designed to work with combi or conventional boilers and heat pumps. With a smart room thermostat as standard with all, these are the first step in building your Wiser system.

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Smart Radiator Thermostat

Connected directly to your boiler, our smart radiator thermostat enables you to control the on/off times and temperatures of individual rooms of your home. Purchase individually as an add-on to any of our core kits.

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Wiser Plug

Our smart plug works with your Wiser heating system and boosts the RF signal across your home. Monitor, control and set schedules for your electrical devices, all from our app.

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*Smart thermostat system percentage savings based on BEAMA and Salford university research statistics 2021. Savings are a guideline and will vary based on your home's thermal performance.