Your Wiser Home App

New look. New enhanced features. More in charge than ever. We’ve evolved the app to give you even more access, Insights, and control over your Wiser heated home. Keeping the lights on and feet toasty while living more sustainably couldn’t be easier.

Meet your new best friend

The Wiser Home App controls all your Wiser products. From anywhere in the house, garden, office, or even the world. With it, you’ve got heating and hot water at your fingertips.

Getting chilly? Two clicks and you can give your rooms a little boost as it overrides your normal heating schedule. Want to save money? Open the Insights and Heat Report to check your energy consumption to help pop a few pennies away for a rainy day. It functions seamlessly with Wiser Smart Thermostats and is available to download for iPhone and Android in the app store.

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Easy Integration

Today’s home has multiple smart devices. So, we made it easy to link to them all. You can integrate the Wiser system with your other smart home tech, connecting the Wiser Home app with IFTTT, Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant.


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Smart Modes

Smart Modes help you maximise energy efficiency throughout the day. Open up the settings menu to discover how to switch them on, toggle between them, and how you'll be helping your pockets and the planet in an instant. 

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Insights & Heat Report

If you like to keep one eye on savings and the other on taking care of your carbon footprint, it pays to understand your heating use. Which is where the Insights and Heat Report comes in. It shows you how much you’ve already saved using smart modes and where you can improve.

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NEW: Insights+

Concerned about rising energy bills? Insights+, our newest feature in the Wiser Home app, connects Wiser to your smart meter to let you view your real-time energy use data in easy-to-read dashboards. Track your energy spend, budget your energy use month-to-month and get notifications when approaching your budgets, all from the Wiser Home app for a single one-off payment of £19.99. Find out more about Insights+.

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Group your devices together to activate at the same time and create customised moments for your home. Whether that's getting the kids ready for bed with nightlights on and cosy bedrooms, or when you're rustling up dinner and need your slow cooker on, with the heating cooled in the kitchen. Personalise to your lifestyle, duplicate, update and delete whenever you need - all via your Wiser Home app.



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