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We’re Buzzing! How We Saved Nearly 10% Electricity at Our Plymouth Site Plus 5 Tips to Save Electricity at Home

Last week, we released some big energy saving news following completion of some large-scale projects across our Plymouth factory and offices. Figures show we saved 9.5% electricity in Winter 2022/23 compared to Winter 2021/22.


We understand that saving money, home efficiency and navigating this cost-of-living crisis is still at the forefront of life for many households across the UK, so in celebration of our factory’s recent efficiency success, read on for five fresh, simple and cheap tips to help you save electricity at home.


  1. Use visual reminders to turn off your electricals

Doesn’t turning your electricals off sound simple? But the reality is with so many devices in our homes nowadays it’s not easy. For a low-cost solution, try adding colourful sticker dots, or character stickers to help younger children, to plugs and devices to remind you and your family members to turn them off when not in use.


For more convenience, check and automate the ON/OFF status of devices from anywhere via an app and a smart plug. You can add up to 10 Wiser Plugs per system and control them all using the same app as your Wiser heating system. Top tip, plug multiple devices you want to control into a power bar, then attach that to the Wiser Plug to control multiple devices together. Easy! No more digging around behind furniture to turn devices off standby at the socket. Turning devices off standby could save you £65 a year according to the Energy Saving Trust.



  1. Switch to LED lighting

Our saving of 9.5% last Winter wouldn’t have been possible without the completion of our LED lighting project. Now, 100% of lighting across our factory warehouses and offices is efficient and reliable LED. The range and cost of household LED lighting available has improved hugely, making it easy for households to switch to LED. Benefits include increased energy efficiency, high light output and quality, and less frequent bulb changes, with an average lifespan of more than five and a half years.


  1. Turn off your lights when not in use

Dashing around the home seeing to day-to-day life, it’s easy to miss lights left on. In our Plymouth factory, visual reminders next to light switches remind staff to switch off lighting when leaving an area no longer in use. Again, try small and colourful sticker dots on your light switches as a little visual reminder for you and the family to turn it off as you pass by, it’ll be habit before you know it, and switching lights off could save you £25 a year.

  1. Optimise your fridge’s efficiency

What’s one appliance that must always stay on? Yep, it’s your fridge or fridge/freezer, and taking care of it can save you energy in the long run. Ensure the elements on the back of the fridge are kept free of dust, as this absorbs and wastes valuable heat energy.


A well-stocked fridge is better at retaining cold air inside than an empty one, and therefore doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain a low temperature, so it’s beneficial to keep the fridge full. But be sure to only buy what you need to reduce wasted food and money. If your fridge has large gaps, simply add bowls of water, or drinks bottles and cans to the shelves to fill the space and optimise its efficiency.


  1. Take shorter showers

If you have a power shower in your home, the simple step of keeping your shower short and sweet will save electricity and money. It’s sound advice for any shower type; whether heated by gas or electric power, taking shorter showers saves energy (and water too!).


According to Smart Energy GB, cutting your shower time from 8 minutes to 4 minutes could save you £95 a year.


Find out how you could save up to 30% on annual energy bills with Wiser smart heating controls, and happy optimising!


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