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April Fools: New Pet Mode Is Paw-Fect For Four-Legged Friends

If your collie feels the cold or your cat prefers to nap in the cosiest of corners, then Wiser’s new Pet Mode could be paw-fect.


Pet Mode uses an ultrasmart algorithm to boost your heating, when your dog barks or your cat meows. We know our new feature sounds a little far-fetched, but it’s fur real and the new mode is now available within the Wiser Heat app.


Activating Pet Mode lets your four-legged friends take control of the heating whilst you’re away from home and once you’re back, you can simply turn Pet Mode off to avoid any unexpected heating boosts.


Pet Mode has undergone doggy (and moggy) trials up and down the country, and it’s safe to say we think it’s paw-some and so do they! Homeowner and cat lover April Loof said: “Cats off to Drayton. I’ve always loved Wiser but now Simba does too! It’s good to know that he is comfortable when I’m not at home.”


The latest tail-wagging feature to be added to Wiser, the smart heating control system, has been inspired by pet owners’ feedback. Recent Energy Saving Trust[1] research found that two in five pet owners leave their heating on during the day to keep their pets warm, racking up hefty heating bills. Here at Drayton, we’ve come up with the perfect solution to help save you money and energy, whilst keeping your pets cosy and comfortable.


[1]Energy Saving Trust, 2015