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Autumn Heating Preparation with a Smart Thermostat

With those hot summer temperatures gone for another year, now’s a good time to start looking ahead and preparing for colder months to come. It’s likely we’ll be spending more time at home this winter, so making sure your heating system is up to the challenge is important. But don’t be daunted, a smart thermostat makes upgrading and controlling your heating system easy!


Step 1: Install a Smart Thermostat!

Smart thermostats by wiser are the best way to ensure comfortable, efficient heating this winter. Autumn is a great time to upgrade to smart heating as you’ll get a feel for your new system before the coldest weather hits. Wiser is easy to install as the Heat Hub clips onto standard UK wallplates and with the quick pairing of your wireless devices via the app, you’ll be in full control in no time. Install yourself or Find A Local Installer.


Step 2: Schedule Your Heating

To ensure you’re only heating the rooms you need to at the best times, it’s wise to check your heating schedules this Autumn. With much of the UK still working from home as we approach the end of the year, you may want to tweak schedules to maintain your comfort - It’ll be one thing less to worry about when the first cold snap arrives.

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Step 3: Check out the Wiser Modes

Once you’ve set your temperatures for each room on our App, enable the Smart Modes to fully maximise comfort and efficiency; these learn over time about the heat retention properties of your home and can adjust heating start and stop times. Comfort Mode ensures zones have already reached desired temperatures by your scheduled start time, whilst Eco Mode turns off the heating shortly before your scheduled end time to save energy.


Step 4: Get Feedback from Wiser Insights and Heat Report

Monitor how your central heating’s performing any time using Wiser's Insights & Heat Report, like how much energy you’ve saved this month using Eco Mode and how local weather affects your inside temperatures. Check whether schedules need adjusting by seeing how many times the heating’s been manually turned up or down.

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