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Does Your Underfloor Heating Need Servicing?

While it probably did not get much use during the summer, winter is now rapidly approaching — so now is the perfect time to ensure that your underfloor heating (UFH) is in prime condition to keep your feet toasty during the colder months!

Why Should You Service Your Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating requires less maintenance than a conventional central heating system, but it’s still crucial to make sure everything is working as it should. Getting your underfloor heating control and system serviced now also means fixing any issues before you need it most.

How Often Should UFH Be Serviced?

While there are limited factors to go wrong with your underfloor heating, it’s still recommended that you have a service every year.

Servicing Your Underfloor Heating

There are some regular checks you can do yourself, such as checking for any leaks or abnormal noises, but it’s best to get a professional to service your UFH.

During your service, the entire system, including your underfloor heating controls, will be checked to ensure everything works as it should. The checks include:

  • System pressure
  • The flow of the underfloor heating mixer pump
  • The colour of the water in the flow meters
  • System interlock
  • Individual zone operation
  • Underfloor heating controls and programmable settings
  • All visible components, including joints and valves

Once your UFH has been checked over, the system will be bled, and the pressure will be rechecked and topped up if necessary, to ensure you’re good to go.

Upgrade To Smart Underfloor Heating Controls

To get the most out of your underfloor heating this winter, consider upgrading to smart underfloor heating controls.

For homes with existing underfloor heating, upgrading to smart UFH is a breeze. If you have a wet system (with heated water pipes beneath the floor), the smart UFH controller is your upgrade choice. The electric heat switch is perfect for those with dry electric systems (with electrical heating elements beneath the floor).

Using smart underfloor heating controls gives you better control over your home's energy usage, which directly translates into reduced energy bills and more money saved each month.

While regular check-ups ensure your UFH will work as it should for years to come, upgrading your existing underfloor heating controls can level up your home heating convenience and efficiency. To get started with smart underfloor heating, find the right Wiser kit for you here.