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European Governments Support Smart Thermostats

Across Europe, governments are putting in place environmental policies and incentives for homeowners that support the sale of smart thermostats. The popularity of smart thermostats is therefore expected to continue increasing.

This has largely been driven by recognition throughout the continent that building a greener, more sustainable future requires energy-efficient homes. For many countries to reach the EU’s 2050 carbon-neutral target, it’s an essential priority. Over the last year or so, governments have realised the important role that smart heating can have in making significant energy savings.

Some of the main smart thermostat incentive programs that have been set up in mainland Europe are:

  • Cash subsidies – Examples include France’s Coup de Pouce (2020), Belgium’s long-standing Eco Vouchers, or the SEEH scheme in the Netherlands (2019).
  • Tax reduction subsidies – Such as Italy’s Ecobonus (2020) or Germany’s Steuerbonus (2020).
  • Legal requirements – Like the 2012 Building Decree in the Netherlands (updated in 2020).

How The UK Has Been Leading The Way

Whilst smart thermostat use is now being encouraged throughout Europe, the UK government was amongst the first major promoters of these heating systems.

Under the Energy Company Obligation, set up in 2018, larger energy suppliers must fund more efficient heating controls such as smart thermostats. Also in 2018, the Boiler Plus standards applied more environmentally conscious requirements to the installation of gas combi boilers and pushed the use of smart heating systems.

This legislation encouraged similar measures to be put in place in other countries, with some early examples including Ireland and The Netherlands. And now, support for eco-friendly heating appears to have spread across Europe.

Of course, more work can still be done. In 2020, the UK launched its Green homes grant scheme to help upgrade homes with smart thermostats, and we aim to help homeowners understand if they can claim a Green Homes Grant.

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