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How smart radiator thermostats offer multi-zone heating

When it comes to energy-efficient heating, Wiser's Smart Radiator Thermostats give households greater comfort and control. One of the ways we provide this is with Room-to-Room Heating Features, which make it easier to schedule and manage energy usage in your home. Here’s everything you need to know about these features for your smart heating system.

The smart radiator thermostat

How does it work?

Our smart radiator thermostats provide enhanced temperature accuracy and a variety of control methods, especially when compared to traditional valves. They do this by connecting with the Wiser Home app, which provides remote control and easy accessibility. Moreover, the smart radiator thermostat design is simple, with an award-winning twist top boost, and very easy to install on most existing systems.


What does it upgrade?

Compared to traditional heating controls, smart radiator thermostats offer a variety of upgrades and additional features. These include Smart Modes, which simplify scheduling to make your home more energy-efficient, as well as the ability to work with Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant. In addition, they can be an integral part of a hybrid system that includes electric heaters, working with our Electrical Heat Switch for Full Control of your home’s heating.


Multi-Zone Heating

Smart radiator thermostats by Wiser enable room-to-room heating control. This allows you to set bedrooms to be warmer at night whilst downstairs is cooler, and vice versa in the day, all through the heating app. You’ll have full visibility of where your energy is being spent, allowing you to heat each room just the way you want it, whilst reducing energy costs. You can also check out our Wiser Explains Article on Multi-Zone Heating Here.

The benefits of smart heating

The Benefits of Room-to-Room Smart Heating include:  

  • Increased temperature accuracy and comfort

  • The ability to adjust temperatures and schedules anytime, anywhere

  • Voice control compatibility

  • Flexible set-ups – radiator thermostats can be bought one at a time or as a Multipack

  • Bill Reductions and Energy Savings


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