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Get full control with a Heat Switch & Radiator Thermostats

Thanks to Wiser’s New Range of Products, you can now get full control of the different radiator types in your household. With the electrical heat switch and our Radiator Thermostats (Smart TRVs), you can build a hybrid smart home system that’s tailored to your home’s unique requirements. Here’s how Wiser can improve your energy efficiency, comfort, and control.


Introducing the New Wiser Electrical Heat Switch

The Wiser Electrical Heat Switch is compatible with infrared radiators, electrical radiators, electric towel rails and plinth heaters. Utilising it alongside a Smart Thermostat gives you the same convenient control that you experience with a Wiser-controlled central heating system. You can also use it to boost the signal range between our other wireless devices in your Wiser system. 


See our Electrical Heat Switch Product Page Here for more information.


Smart Radiator Thermostats

Cost-effective, easy to install, reliable, and energy-efficient. These Wiser trademarks are all present in our smart radiator thermostats. Simply attach one to each of your existing radiator valves, and the smart TRV can significantly increase the comfort of your heating. You can purchase these individually or as part of a Multipack, so you can upgrade your heating in the best way for you.


See our full unpacking as Wiser Explains: What is a Smart Radiator Thermostat?


Do I need both the Smart Radiator Thermostat and Electrical Heat Switch?

If you have a mix of gas and electric radiators, then utilising both products is the best way to control your heating system. With an electrical heat switch and smart radiator thermostats, you can experience the following features and benefits throughout your home:


Get full control with Wiser

If you want to get the most out of your heating system, then our products might be for you. For more details, Discover How Wiser Works Here.