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New Smart Radiator Thermostat Multipack is Out Now!

A new way to buy Wiser Smart Radiator Thermostats has recently been released online. The smart TRV multipack includes three Wiser radiator thermostats at a more affordable price than buying the devices individually. 


This multipack is available from Amazon, along with the full range of Wiser smart heating products as well as Installation Add-On Options. One of the advantages of Wiser’s smart radiator thermostats is that they attach effortlessly to most traditional radiator valves. These wireless devices can be added to an existing Wiser system in seconds, providing easy expandability.


Our smart radiator thermostat multipack is the ideal solution for those who initially set up their smart heating system with one or two Wiser TRVs, and wish to expand their room-to-room heating control. It also provides an excellent money-saving option for those wanting to transform their home with an energy-efficient, smart heating system!


What is a Smart Radiator Thermostat?

Smart Radiator Thermostats are quite similar in appearance to traditional TRVs. Both are installed simply by attaching to an existing radiator valve, and both offer temperature control by manually twisting their caps. Smart TRVs also work like regular TRVs by controlling the hot water flow into radiators and use sensor-based systems to maintain a pre-set temperature.


Where smart radiator thermostats differ significantly is in their enhanced flexibility. These devices let you set unique schedules that can be changed from anywhere using the Wiser App, as well as offering Multi-Zone Heating Control when there’s more than one device (i.e. if you’ve purchased a multipack). Smart TRVs also integrate with other modern smart features, like voice commands and IFTTT Integration.


Overall there are Numerous Benefits to Having Smart TRVs, the key one being the improved efficiency and Energy Savings they provide for the user. For more information, check out our Smart Radiator Thermostat Multipack Here!