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Finding a Wiser Installer and the Benefits Of Using an Installer

Finding the right installer to fit your Wiser system is essential to ensuring that your system runs with maximum efficiency, allowing you to get the very best from your heating.

If you are wondering,’how do I find an installer?’ you needn’t worry; the most important part of finding a smart home heating installer is ensuring that you search for the right credentials.

Only Wiser-approved heating installers are guaranteed to deliver a stress-free, efficient installation for your Wiser smart home heating system. 

Find Smart Home Installers Near Me

Our team of independent, qualified heating installers are on hand to help you install your system quickly and easily; all you have to do is click a button.

Our ‘find an installer’ feature is specifically designed to display all the Wiser-accredited heating installers in your area.

If you use our search facility on the Wiser website, you can be sure that we are only putting you in touch with the best heating installers in the industry.

Why Choose A Wiser-Approved installer?

If you are having a Wiser smart home heating system installed, it only makes sense that it is fitted by somebody who understands how it works.

Choosing a Wiser-approved installer has added benefits, including: 

  • Expert knowledge: You get world-class smart home heating technology installed by an expert who ensures it runs perfectly.

  • Extended warranty: If you choose a Wiser-approved installer, you benefit from a five-year warranty once your heating installer has fitted and registered your Wiser system

  • Save time: Wiser-approved installers understand the app and can help to get you up and running faster than other heating installers. Got a question? Your installer can help you out there and then.

  • Peace of mind: You know that your system has been installed by one of the best heating installers in your area, allowing you to use your Wiser heating system with confidence.

To upgrade your home heating to a smart home system with Wiser, choose your technology and find a Wiser-approved installer near you by clicking here.