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How Easy is it to Install Smart Heating?

Smart heating can save you money on your energy bills by making it easy to schedule your heating, thus making it more efficient. It’s because of this that these systems are rapidly becoming the new norm in most households, with many opting to control their heating remotely. But people are still hesitant to upgrade, believing it to be too much hassle to operate or install. So just how difficult is it to set up smart heating?


Choosing a product

The first aspect of upgrading your heating system is selecting the products that will work best in your home. Thankfully this step is made simple with Wiser’s product selector, which helps find a solution for nearly any home regardless of the boiler’s size or type. After answering just four questions we’ll be able to recommend one of our smart heating kits, ensuring you purchase the right system for you.    


The installation process

The initial installation of your new smart system might seem daunting at first, but Wiser makes the process as effortless as possible. Firstly, our Heat Hub box is compatible with standard wall plates, which means it can be fitted within minutes. All you need to do is remove the old box and mount the new Heat Hub. Our smart thermostats and smart radiator valves are also installed around your home’s current heating system, meaning installation is simplified further.


If you’re not 100% confident in installing Wiser yourself, find your local Wiser Approved Installer and they will be happy to help you further.


Adding more to your smart heating system

After the Heat hub is fitted to the wall, all you need to do is download the Wiser Heat App for set-up. Once that’s done you can control your heating from your phone and you’ll be living in a smart home! Since flexibility is essential to an effective smart heating solution, you have the freedom to add any additional devices whenever you want. Other products such as smart plugs can join your personalised Wiser system easily by adding them in the app. This means any extras post-installation are just as straightforward to set up.


For more information, and to find your nearest local installer, check out our set-up-page. You can also contact us for any advice or assistance here