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Manage The Cost Of Christmas Lights With Smart Plugs

With smart plugs, you can integrate any electronic device into your smart home system. Simply plug them into the socket first, then plug the appliance into the smart plug, and you’ll have full control to switch it on or off and set a schedule. Smart plugs are ideal for managing festive decorations like Christmas lights, potentially reducing your energy usage this year and helping to make your holidays hassle-free:


The Least Stressful Christmas Light Setup

Whether you’re a decoration lover or if it’s just a yearly chore, smart plugs can make the job easier. By connecting an extension lead to a smart plug, you can control multiple Christmas lights from one device. No more fishing around behind the tree; with remote control from the app, your lights are just a tap away.

Plan and create schedules for your lights and keep a lid on energy consumption. With the help of the Wiser App, you can update schedules whenever you like, so you’ll never waste energy by leaving Christmas lights on by mistake again!


Smart Plug Convenience

Creating schedules already makes it easier to manage Christmas lights with a smart plug, but the features don’t end there.. Voice command via Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant make controlling your lights easier than ever, whilst IFTTT integration enables your Wiser products to work within other smart home systems.

But smart plugs can help with more than just lights; if you’ve got a lot of cooking to do this year (who doesn’t?), smart plugs can control slow cookers to perfectly prepare festive food, or turn on your Christmas music playlist, even help you switch on the coffee machine from your bed, helping you cope with the kids’ early wake-up call on Christmas morning! Smart plugs truly have a use in every room.


Saving Energy this Christmas

Smart plugs provide better control of your Christmas lights and many other electrical devices, making it easier to save energy and money this festive season. But there are many other ways to reduce your household bills over the holidays, including:

  • Using LED Christmas lights
  • Don’t leave household lights on all day
  • Switch off unused devices
  • Don’t overwork appliances
  • Install Smart Thermostats

You can check out our Smart Plug product page here for more information on Wiser, or read our Smart Plug safety tips for further advice!