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Panasonic and Schneider Electric Join Forces to Provide Efficient and Renewable Room-By-Room Heating for Homeowners.

We are excited to announce an industry-first partnership between Schneider Electric and Panasonic, combining the industry's best heat pump offering with the market-leading smart heating controls - Wiser. Panasonic and Schneider Electric are on an exciting mission to expediate the journey to Net Zero and have joined forces to offer sustainable solutions taking the future of heating to the next level.

On a mission to help homeowners tackle rising energy bills, Panasonic and Schneider Electric have combined their market leading technologies to accelerate the introduction of more sustainable heating solutions. With the rapidly changing energy landscape and homeowners’ increasing awareness of the challenges ahead, now is the time to take action. These key players have combined expertise to develop a world-class solution that puts the customer and the environment at the heart of the offering.


The mission of the partnership

The joint mission is to strive to hit Net Zero goals with both parties committing to developing sustainable solutions. Both consumers and the environment are at the heart of the partnership.

Panasonic and Schneider Electric place great importance on low-carbon living, at a time when reducing energy use is more important than ever. This integration will provide homeowners with more control over each room in their homes, as well as access to detailed insights.

Remi Volpe, Managing Director at Schneider Electric, said “We’re thrilled to be working with Panasonic on this ground-breaking partnership. It’s everyone’s responsibility to contribute to the Net Zero journey, and by joining forces we can expediate this by taking the future of heating to the next level”.

The benefits of the partnership

The new partnership will allow installers of Panasonic Aquarea air source heat pumps to offer their customers room-by-room heating control by fitting Wiser with the Aquarea system. The combination of the two products will enable homes to be as energy efficient as possible. Homeowners can control multiple electrical devices through the Wiser Home app, lowering their bills and reducing their energy consumption. The app is available on Android and iOS applications, allowing customers to monitor and easily adjust room-by-room heating. For instance, consumers can use the Wiser Home app and activate Away Mode, when they’re not at home, reducing their carbon footprint and energy consumption.

Users will benefit from all the features of the Panasonic Smart Cloud app, including a detailed breakdown of the system's energy consumption, and scheduling a constant and comfortable temperature throughout the day. As a result, end-users can compare space usage and adjust the system to avoid wasting energy.

How will the setup of the Wiser and Panasonic work?

Wiser can be set up in the usual way with the Panasonic Aquarea heat pump, enabling installers to easily create multi-zone systems, where heating is remotely controlled room-by-room via the Wiser Home app.

The Aquarea range of air to water heat pumps provides a low carbon alternative to mains gas, oil, LPG and electric heaters. The Aquarea heat pump works by extracting heat from the ambient outside air. With Wiser products, customers have better heating control in their hands, by using the Wiser Home app. Within the dedicated Insights page, homeowners will be able to see the temperatures in each room or individual zone. The Insights+ feature offers you a real-time breakdown of your energy spend, enabling you to set budgets and control your energy usage.

Find out more about the Wiser system and its family of products that combine to provide a full smart energy system, taking care of reducing energy costs and carbon footprints across the UK.