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3 Tips On Making Your B&B Boom

Bed & Breakfasts are a readily available stop for weary travellers all around the UK. We regularly turn to B&Bs for our yearly holiday, city breaks, special occasions and more. However, in most B&Bs around the UK, they are rarely fully occupied and this presents a challenge with how to heat the establishment. What do you do when you only have one room occupied and your other 5/6 rooms aren’t? Do you turn the heating on for the whole house? Do you buy an electric radiator to heat only that room? Well now you can heat only the rooms you need with Wiser. 

Multi region heating controls:

Having smart multi-zone heating controls, like Wiser in your B&B allows you to have independent temperature control in each of the rooms of your business. This offers complete control and convenience, allowing managers to monitor and adjust the temperature via the app anywhere in the world.

Controlling room temperatures:

Smart radiator thermostats allow you to personalise room temperature. Having one placed in each room of the B&B means you can easily turn off the heating in rooms that are unoccupied, without having to go up to the room and manually adjust the heating controls. On the other hand, guests who are staying overnight in the room have the ability to boost the radiator thermostat manually, 2 degrees warmer or 2 degrees cooler to get the desired temperature for the room.

Energy savings:

Smart heating systems can save on energy costs by not heating areas unnecessarily, and allowing B&B owners the ability to react quickly and amend heating settings when circumstances change. When used effectively, a smart multi-zone system is estimated to save 20% over a smart thermostat system alone.