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Real-Life Stories Of Zonal Heating: Renovating A Home For A Young Family

Zonal heating has transformed how homeowners can manage the temperature in their homes. This smart heating system allows you to divide your home into up to 16 separate ‘zones’, each with its own unique heating schedule.

With this much control over your home’s heating and energy usage, you can completely tailor your heating needs to your family’s lifestyle. But what does that look like in real-world terms, and how does zonal heating benefit, for example, a young family in a renovated 1800s cottage?

What Is Zonal Heating?

Zonal heating provides the ability to control different areas or rooms independently. Each zone can have its own time and temperature settings, tailored to the specific needs and preferences.

Whether it’s a chilly dining room that doesn’t get much sun or a rarely-used guest room that doesn’t need to be heated regularly, zonal systems ensure you’re only using energy where and when needed.

Blending Old With The New

Buying a period cottage that’s in need of some TLC is a fantastic way to put your own stamp on your home, just like one of our customers did when they purchased an 1800s property.

They decided to extend the cottage to accommodate their growing family, but found that differences in insulation between the 19th and the 21st Centuries led to varying levels of heat loss in their home.

In their case, using zonal heating meant that they could create different heating schedules for each part of the cottage, resulting in a more consistent, comfortable home life.

Keeping Every Member Of The Family Comfortable

When it was time to extend their family, zonal heating was ready to expand with them. Using Wiser’s multi-zone heating system, they could ensure that their newborn baby’s nursery stayed at a safe, cool temperature without letting the rest of the house become too cold.

To hear more about how zonal heating can transform your family life, watch the full video below

Installing Zonal Heating Into Your Home

Upgrading to a zonal heating system like Wiser is straightforward, even with an existing conventional heating system. Using smart thermostats connected to the Wiser Home app, you can bring modern convenience to even period home heating.

For more real-world insight into zonal heating and to get started on your journey to better control over your home’s heating, discover the right Wiser system for you.