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Shropshire Homeowners Enjoy Better Comfort and Savings by Upgrading to Smart Thermostats

In 2020, Becki moved into her 3 bedroom new build property in Shifnal, Shropshire and, being a dab hand at DIY and home decorating, set about beautifully personalising the countryside home. In pursuit of better control over her energy usage and a smarter home, she invested in a smart heating system by Wiser.

To maximise comfort and energy efficiency, Becki installed four smart radiator thermostats throughout the home (living room, kitchen, spare bedroom and dressing room) which gives her the ability to manage the heating on room-by-room basis.

Convenient Smart Heating, Energy Saving. Wiser.

“Having Wiser installed in my new property has really improved my home as I can now tailor the temperature of each room from the touch of a button - I love being able to boost the temperature in the lounge from the comfort of my sofa.

“The scheduling functionality has been so handy for ensuring the property is cozy before I get home from work in an evening. The whole system has helped put my mind at rest when it comes to rising heating bills, I now have much more insight into how much energy I am using each month and hopefully this helps me save money overtime.

“More recently I decided to invest in the Wiser smart plugs and use these on my lamps for added security and also to give my puppy some comfort and reassurance if it starts getting dark before I get home.”

- Becki,


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