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Smart Heating with Geofencing

What Is Smart Heating with Geofencing?

Smart heating technology with geofencing automatically connects to your heating system, meaning it will work as and when you need it, reducing energy wastage and saving you money on your energy bills.

How Does a Geofencing Thermostat Work?

Instead of manually programming your heating thermostat to turn on or off around your schedule, smart heating geofencing uses technology to create a virtual geographic boundary around the location of a smartphone or other smart device. This enables software to trigger a response when it enters or leaves that specific area.

Imagine a border around your home – when your smartphone or device is inside the area, your geofencing thermostat will register you as at home, which will automatically trigger in line with your bespoke commands (such as switching on your heating to your chosen temperature), and when outside the boundary, will let the temperature fall.

To activate your geofencing thermostat with your Wiser heating system, you’ll first need to register for an IFTTT account.

IFTTT stands for “If This Then That” and is a third-party service that enables you to link smart products together to create new actions, allowing you to quickly create personalised commands, as well as providing enhanced functionality for your Wiser system.

IFTTT can be linked to apps like the Wiser Home App to let you set unique commands, automating your smart heating and Wiser Smart Plugs to suit your lifestyle. You can automate Wiser's Away Mode by allowing smart heating geofencing to save energy while you’re out of the house.

Once registered, simply link your account to IFTTT in Settings, then visit the Wiser Home integrations channel on the IFTTT site to download the Applets and you’re ready to go.

Benefits of Wiser Smart Heating with Geofencing

By utilising geofencing with an IFTT thermostat, you’ll unlock several benefits:

1. Flexibility

Ideal for those who don’t have a set schedule, by using smart heating geofencing with your Wiser system you don’t need to worry about forgetting to turn the heating on and off if you’re in and out of the house at different times of the day.

2. Automation

By taking advantage of free and convenient automation services like IFTTT, you’ll save time interacting with the app. Enjoy piece of mind knowing that this automation will take care of saving energy for you when leaving your home.

3. Save on your energy bills

By utilising the Wiser smart Away Mode with a IFTTT thermostat you can make sure you’re not heating an empty home, which will save on energy usage and help reduce your energy bills.

Updating your home heating system with Wiser

If you’re looking to update your home heating system and make the most of smart home geofencing technology, use the Wiser Product Selector to find the kit that’s right for you.