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Smart Home Comfort: Devices To Use Daily

2020 has shown us just how important our home and personal space truly is. It’s clearer than ever how beneficial a safe, relaxing, and pleasant environment can be for our mental wellbeing. Smart home products can help us achieve this environment, but some homeowners don’t know where to begin when considering what devices will suit them.

For us, the main benefits that a smart home should provide are simple: convenience, comfort, and efficiency. So, here are our picks for the best smart devices to enhance your daily home life.

1. Smart Speakers

Devices like Google Assistant smart speakers have a lot to offer in the way of convenience. Voice commands have made it easier to set reminders, play music or TV, and adjust your smart heating, helping you to relax.

Amazon Alexa devices, such as the Echo range, can even feature a digital clock and can double-up as a bedside alarm. Alexa smart home devices can wake you up to a feel-good playlist, and at night control your lighting and play soothing sounds of nature or easy listening music, to help you unwind and drift off

2. Smart Plugs

Want to make a conventional electrical device a smart device? Smart plugs do just that. Simply plug a device into it then into the mains and you’ll have the ability to control and schedule its ON/OFF times from your phone via a smart device mobile app.

Smart plugs let you get creative with your smart home and enhance convenience. For instance, schedule your coffee maker to start brewing just as you wake up, or get the slow cooker to start cooking dinner as you finish work. By using smart plugs, you can shave off extra minutes from your daily routine to take some stress out of your day, helping you feel more relaxed at home.

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3. Mood Lighting

Diffusers and candles help create an ambience at home that provides a calming atmosphere, but did you know there are smart home device options available as well?

Smart bulbs like Philips Hue Lights provide greater lighting flexibility by offering several modes and dimness settings. Bluetooth-connected light strips can be used to decorate and warm-up areas of a room, perfect for helping you personalise your smart home.

Add to the atmosphere by adding a smart plug to your plug-in electrical air freshener or wax warmer, and even these can become smart devices. Control and schedule them from your phone and you could even make your wax melts last longer!

4. Smart Heating

A must if you’re working from home, smart heating controls are the easiest way to manage your heat energy usage and save money on your bills.

Not only do smart thermostats and TRVs make your home more energy-efficient, they can also make it a more comfortable place to be, by allowing easier creation of personalised schedules. This precise control means your home will always be at the right temperature with minimal input. The convenience smart thermostats provide will complete your smart home!

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