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Is Zoned Heating Worth It?

Zoned heating lets you split your heating into multiple zones with individual heating controls and smart radiator thermostats; ensuring each room is at an ideal temperature at the right time.

Whether for a young baby who needs a safe room temperature, grandparents who like it warm and cosy, or if you like your bathroom a little cooler than the other rooms in your home – a zoned heating system offers optimal temperature control.

The benefits of a Zoned Heating System

A zoned heating system provides individual room heating control, saving you energy and money The bigger the space, the bigger the energy-saving potential, but zoned heating can still be beneficial for smaller homes or flats. For example, heat only the living room until it’s time to turn in for the night, then heat only your bedroom to avoid heating the whole home.

Setting up Zoned Heating with Wiser

Changing a standard system to Wiser’s zoned heating may sound like a big investment in terms of time and money, but this isn’t the case. Upgrading to a Wiser Zoned Heating System is an affordable option which significantly reduces your energy usage by up to 30%, providing long-term savings.

Unlike some smart heating systems, creating zoned heating with Wiser is simple. Our Multi-Zone Heating Kits include Smart Room Thermostat, HubR and two Smart Radiator Thermostats to get you started. Our smart radiator thermostats fit most existing radiator valves with both smart and manual control, with remote control via the easy-to-use Wiser Home app

A customisable Zoned Heating System

When it comes to zoned heating, there’s no need to buy everything for your smart heating system at once. Wiser is easily expandable, so you can add more of our products to control extra heating zones at your own pace.

Additional radiator thermostats, room thermostats and Wiser Smart Plugs (which also function as signal boosters) are available to buy online.

Finding the right Zoned Heating system

To discover which Wiser zoned heating kit is right for your home, use our quick and easy product selector and buy your kit here