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Smart Radiator Thermostat Tips & Tricks

Smart TRVs have rapidly become the go-to products for households looking for energy efficient radiator thermostats. They allow you to accurately and conveniently adjust the temperature in a given room, via the device itself or through the app. As they simply attach to pre-existing radiator valves, smart radiator thermostats are a cost-effective way of upgrading your heating controls.

Here’s our advice to get the best out of these devices:


Improving the Effectiveness of Radiator Thermostats

Get Full Control

One of the biggest advantages of smart TRVs is expandability, since more devices can be added to a system at any point. By trying one or two out you can get used to controlling your new smart heating system, but remember, more devices means more control and better efficiency. Better room-to-room control saves more energy and money in the long run.



Next, you’ll want to ensure your heating system is accessible via an intuitive app, to make it easier to control devices and stay on top of your energy usage. With Wiser’s smart radiator thermostats, the Wiser Heat app puts you in full control of every device; set schedules, boost, get intelligent feedback, and more.

Other ways you can integrate your Wiser heating system with smart devices include connecting to smart speakers that use Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant, or integrate with geofencing via IFTTT. But if you’re worried about other members of your household changing the heating settings too easily, you can enable the device lock feature. 


Thinking Green

Learn from your Wiser Insights how the system’s performing and adjusting schedules based on its feedback is one good tip for reducing energy bills. Enabling the smart modes lets the system learn about your home and ensure comfort is maintained without having the boiler on any longer than needed. Economical, eco-friendly and easy!


Is there anything to look out for?

Installing smart TRVs is straightforward, but there are some considerations to keep in mind if you want the most efficient heating system. These are as follows:

  • Avoid bathrooms (if possible): The heat produced from a shower or bath can affect the accuracy of a radiator thermostat.
  • Room thermostats: These are different to radiator thermostats. For maximum accuracy, it’s advised to place a room thermostat away from radiators, in an ambient area of a room not affected by direct sunlight, heat from radiators or draughts from windows or doors.
  • Technical support: In the unlikely event that your device isn’t working effectively, then be sure to head to a Support Page for advice.