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UK cities embracing Smart Thermostats & eco upgrades

UK cities are rapidly embracing eco-friendly home upgrades, including Smart Thermostat Installation, as demand for green technology continues to increase. That’s all according to the 2021 Rated People Home Improvement Trends Report and represents a positive reaction to Government Support for Smart heating Systems.


Why are Smart Thermostats in demand?

Smart Thermostats have been Growing in Popularity for Some Time Now, with an expected annual growth rate of 20.5% globally. This is largely down to changing attitudes on environmentalism and a desire from many to Save Energy and Reduce Household Bills. Moreover, encouragement by Governments has also helped, with initiatives such as the Green Homes Grant Scheme helping push energy-efficient home upgrades.


Read the results of the latest Rated People Trends Report here. Of those that took part in this, 57% of UK residents said they wanted to be more eco-friendly in the next year, with 4% saying that they’d apply for a Green Homes Grant (applications now closed).


Which UK cities are leading the push for eco upgrades?

Rated People also discuss which UK cities have the most environmentally conscious homes by using a range of criteria, such as energy-efficient heating systems. Their 2021 report found that the following UK cities have led the push for eco-friendly home upgrades including smart thermostat usage:

  1. Norwich

  2. Cardiff

  3. Glasgow

  4. Liverpool

  5. Edinburgh


The report also ranked UK cities on their sustainable lifestyles and gave them an overall “Future Forward” score. The highest placed cities here were:

  1. Edinburgh

  2. Plymouth

  3. Norwich

  4. Southampton

  5. Cardiff

You can help push your city higher on these sustainability lists by Upgrading to Smart Thermostats Today! Alternatively, feel free to check out the full 2021 Rated People Home Improvement Trends Report Here.