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Home Improvement Ideas for the Bank Holiday

If you’re thinking about upgrading and renovating your home this weekend and need some inspiration we’re here to help. This blog contains lots of home improvement ideas you can do this weekend which will make your home more practical, convenient and some of our ideas will even save you money.


Upcycle your old furniture

Upcycling furniture is an easy, cost effective way to improve the look of your home and bring old wardrobes and drawers into the modern day. Upcycling old furniture is simple and can be done in just a few hours. All you need is sand paper, a paint brush and furniture paint.

Start by taking out any drawers, detaching handles and taking wardrobe doors off the hinges. We recommend giving your furniture a quick clean to rid of dust and dirt before sanding it down to take off any shine. If you have varnished furniture, you may have to work a little harder to ensure the surface is ready for painting. Next, simply paint on two coats furniture paint that has a primer base and when it’s dry, re-attach the handles and add a coat of wax. For a more distressed finish, use chalk paint and lightly sand your furniture after painting, then add darker wax in some areas. See techniques here.


Install a smart heating system to help save you money

Over 80% of a home’s energy consumption is heating and hot water so when it comes to heating your home, smart heating controls have a big impact on your bills. Smart heating controls have a variety of features including Eco Modes and Heat Reports that allow you to optimise your energy saving at the click of a button. In addition, some smart heating controls such as Wiser from Drayton allow you to add smart radiator thermostats to heat individual rooms.

Independent room control can help maximise savings and keep you and your guests comfortable all year round. Wiser also provides you with a handy heat report so you can check up on how your home is performing. If you have a standard wallplate on your current system, installing Wiser should take around 20 minutes. Find out more about how easy it is to install Wiser here.

Give your home some curb appeal

Improving the look of the exterior of your home gives visitors and potential buyers a great first impression. The front of your home is the first thing people see and it doesn’t take much to make your house look beautiful. By sweeping pathways, painting fences and gates you can quickly give your home a new lease of life. However, if painting isn’t your thing, or if it’s your neighbours’ fence that is causing your garden to look a little bit worse for wear then there are things you can do to hide those rotten fence panels.

Plant your way to a welcoming garden with Bamboo plants to create a secluded tranquil atmosphere. You can even stack old pallets to build DIY screens. Planting flowers and herbs in the gaps of pallets gives your front garden a splash of colour and a lovely smell.


Upgrading your light switches

Lighting and plug sockets can make a big difference to the look of a home. Replacing old white fittings with chrome or brushed metal ones gives a high-end feel and now you can also purchase fittings and fixtures in rose gold colours! Schneider Electric provide a huge range of light sockets and fittings including USB sockets perfect for charging your phone overnight. This reputable brand gives a wide choice in the same style fittings, so your electric sockets and switches can be uniform all over the house.


Need more inspiration?

Don’t forget, you can find your own style by following other DIY enthusiasts on Instagram. You’re not alone in your build and there are many home improvement gurus out there to help. For tips, DIY life hacks or furniture upcycling social media is a great place to find inspiration for your home. You can also check out our blog for other home improvement ideas, as well as our DIY Gift Ideas Article.

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