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​​Adding Heating Devices During 1st Fix

If you are about to start the first fix stage of your new build home or older home renovation, adding smart heating devices should be a part of it! Installing your smart heating devices during the first fix stage can save you both time and money.

What Smart Heating Devices Are Available? 

When it comes to smart heating devices, there are many options to choose from, and when you are in the first fix stage, you can select the best devices that suit your home life.

Underfloor heating and electrical heat switches are fantastic devices to install during the first fix, as they can skyrocket the efficiency of your home without causing too much extra disruption.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a popular option that has seen increased demand over recent years. Not only does it deliver a fantastic level of energy efficiency, but there’s nothing better than stepping out of a shower onto a warm floor!

If adding underfloor heating is on your to-do list for your home, the first fix stage is certainly the best time to do this.

Electric Heat Switch

The electric heat switch allows you to control the temperature of electric radiators and towel rails. These can be synced up with your smart room thermostats for full control over your smart heating devices and boost the signal of your other Wiser smart heating devices in your home.

Just like installing underfloor heating, installing your electric heat switches during the first fix will minimise the risk of damaging your newly-plastered walls.

Why Add A Smart Heating Device During The First Fix?

Adding a smart heating device during the first fix has many benefits for your home, including:

  • Installing the system before any flooring or wall finishes have been added ensures no damage will occur to the finishes during the smart heating device installation.

  • Installing a smart heating device at this stage means you can integrate the system into the overall design of your home seamlessly.

  • Underfloor heating or smart heating devices can increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions in your home whilst providing consistent warmth within your living space from day one.

Installing your smart heating device during the first fix stage will allow you to create a comfortable living environment without compromising aesthetics or sustainability. Whether you choose underfloor heating or an electric heat switch, these systems offer unrivalled long-term value and convenience.

Whether you’re going through the first fix now or you’re about to start renovations on your home, you can use our product selector to find the best smart heating devices from Wiser for you.