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What Temperature Should I Set My Radiator To?

This can be a tricky question to answer. The ideal radiator temperature for your home depends on a couple of factors – the space in question and your family’s needs.

Setting temperatures too low can mean your home feels chilly, so you may end up frequently boosting the heating, reducing efficiency. But setting radiator temperatures too high increases your energy costs and reduces comfort. So, what should you set your radiators to?

What Should I Set My Radiators To?

Typically, the common rule for ideal radiator temperature is to have each room between 18°C (64F) and 21°C (70F). These central heating settings should be comfortable for most, but adjustments to suit your preferences can be made easily with the Wiser system.

With Wiser’s smart TRVs, adjusting the radiator temperature is straightforward. Using the Wiser Home App, you can tailor schedules for each smart radiator thermostat remotely, withmulti-zone heating schedules for room-to-room control. This means each room’s radiator can be set to your ideal temperature with ease, resulting in significant savings on your energy bill.

Multi-zone smart TRVs let you set heating temperatures room-by-room – but what’s the ideal radiator temperature for each type of room in your home?

Living Room

Often one of the most frequently used areas of any home, many prefer their living room warmer, with the average ideal radiator temperature ranging from 19°C (66°F) to 21°C (70°F), and sometimes higher.


The Ideal Radiator Temperature for bedrooms is best set a little cooler, which will help you get a better night’s sleep, normally around 18°C (64°F). This can, however, drop as low as 15°C (59°F) depending on you and your family’s sleeping preferences.


It’s recommended to keep babies’ and children’s rooms slightly warmer at night than typical bedrooms. The Lullaby Trust recommends no less than 16°C (61°F), but no more than 20°C (68°F) to protect infants from overheating. According to the NHS, 18C (64°F)is the ideal radiator temperature for children’s comfort and safety.

Wiser’s smart radiator temperature control displays each room temperature for easy monitoring, and peace of mind that your little one is at the ideal temperature.


Heat given out by baths and showers is usually enough for a comfortable temperature while using a bathroom for any length of time, so to save energy ensure bathroom temperatures are set to a lower level than other rooms.

Other rooms

For less frequented rooms in your home, such as guest rooms, you can turn temperatures down when empty, and enable or disable schedules room-by-room to only heat them when they’re being used - a great way to avoid energy wastage and keep your bills in check.

Achieve the ideal radiator temperature for your home with Wiser

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