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Wiser Explains: How Do You Control A Smart Thermostat Using Wi-Fi?

Smart thermostats controlled via your home Wi-Fi network are growing ever more popular. A Wi-Fi thermostat with devices that communicate wirelessly by radio frequency, like Wiser, gives you full control over your central heating system from anywhere via your smartphone; without this technology you could be missing out on a huge range of benefits.



Simplicity Through The Wiser App

A smart heating system that connects to your Wi-Fi for thermostat control offers enhanced comfort and long-term energy savings. A Wiser multi-zone smart thermostat system provides complete temperature control room-to-room and improves energy efficiency via the Wiser app. The app boasts energy saving Smart Modes, feedback via the Insights & Heat Report as well as geofencing. 

By utilising an internet-connected system, you can take advantage of remote access to your heating from your mobile or tablet to control your smart room thermostat and smart radiator thermostats from anywhere in the world.

Wi-Fi Thermostat & Wiser App Benefits

  • Boost – boost temperatures for a selected time with just two clicks
  • Away Mode – activate from anywhere to save money while away from home 
  • Schedule – change schedules when away from home or arriving home early or late
  • Multi-zone control – heat up spare rooms for guests arriving at short notice
  • Insights & Heat Report – view comprehensive data on you heating use
  • Open window detection – automatically turns off a room’s heating if a draught is detected
  • Geofencing – use a GPS perimeter to automate your heating via IFTTT
  • Hands-free control – use voice commands to control your heating with your smart speaker

Geofencing Explained

This feature of the Wiser app uses your smartphone to create a GPS perimeter around your home. When your smartphone moves outside the perimeter, the system detects you’ve left home and activates Away Mode, reducing temperatures to a lower setpoint of your choice to save you energy and money. When you move inside the perimeter again, Away Mode is turned off and your regular heating schedule resumes.

A study by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics suggests this feature alone could save 24% on your energy bills.

Wiser – Putting You In Control

The combination of the Wi-Fi connected Heat Hub, smart thermostat devices and the Wiser Heat app easily provides full control of your home heating and energy usage, playing a key role in reducing your heating costs. The Heat Hub communicates with all Wiser devices in your system via radio frequency even if you temporarily lose your home Wi-Fi connection, so that your settings and schedules are maintained, and your home stays warm.

The future of smart central heating is now, no matter where you are, Wiser’s internet-connected system keeps you in control of your home heating, and is available now from our trusted selling partners.