Get Wiser

Be smart and get WISER with the launch of the most consumer-friendly smart home heating solution

Drayton has turned up the heat in the smart home market with the launch of the WISER smart heating system, scheduled to be available in the UK from September onwards. Dedicated to keeping your home comfortable as well as saving money, the brand new WISER system includes a sleek room thermostat, as well as custom-made radiator thermostats to enable complete personalisation of the home.  The first affordable smart home solution to allow flexible ‘heating zones’, WISER is simple to install as well as use by anyone – novice or seasoned DIY enthusiast.

A smart and iconic design that fits seamlessly into the home, WISER has four key components; the Heat Hub, the room thermostat, the radiator thermostat and the supporting app. The room thermostat is the central temperature control and the radiator thermostats replace original thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) to allow the home to be divided into zones and heated more efficiently. The beauty of WISER is that it is a ‘buildable system’ – start with a room thermostat and add radiator thermostats to individual rooms as and when you are ready. It truly is a flexible system that can be adapted and evolve over time.

This system means that each room’s temperature can be independent and set to meet specific needs, such as a baby’s room, which can be kept at the recommended 18 degrees centigrade. Similarly, the guest bedroom is heated only when required and the main living room can increase in temperature late in the afternoon to be ready for an evening of relaxing or entertaining. The simple ‘boost turn’ is an innovative part of the product design enabling a room to be made warmer or cooler, by two degrees, either from the individual radiator thermostat or via the app.

WISER is the easiest all-round heating system to hit the market. With every function being either two clicks or a swipe away, the app is simple to use and fully compatible with the increasingly popular Amazon Echo. The added advantage of the WISER system is the control it can give over a second home – whether that be a holiday home or perhaps more importantly the home of your elderly parents or relatives. The app allows more than one person to control the device, thus enabling an elderly relative to be kept warm from hundreds of miles away – often a huge concern.

Being able to react quickly and amend heating settings when circumstances change e.g. running late from work, missing the train or deciding to stay one extra night away will be clearly seen when it comes to the monthly bill. A reduction in costs is inevitable with a smart multi-zone system and is estimated to save 20% over a smart thermostat system alone.  All these things combined make it the perfect solution for anyone considering a heating upgrade for the next winter season.

WISER fully supports Amazon Echo and will be available across a range of stockists including Screwfix, Wickes and B&Q.