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Wiser Smart Heating Makes The Shortlist In T3 Awards 2020

Amid turbulent times created by the Covid-19 pandemic, Drayton are delighted to announce that the Wiser smart heating system has been shortlisted for Best Smart Energy Product ahead of the T3 Awards 2020, with the winners to be announced in June.


In this new age of the smart home, the technology market is a crowded place, so for homeowners finding the best smart heating system for you could feel daunting, so at Wiser our mission is simple; provide smart heating solutions that are simple-to-use, save energy and provide total control and convenience.

Smart heating made simple – from installation to everyday use

Professional installers and homeowners alike love how easy Wiser is to install and set up. Once the Heat Hub is connected to your boiler and power supply, adding the wireless devices via the Wiser App couldn’t be easier. Want to extend your system later? More smart room thermostats and smart radiator thermostats can be added at any point for maximum control.

The Home screen of the Wiser App is your smart heating control panel; view all your zones, their current temperatures and set temperatures in one place. In just a couple a couple of clicks you can tweak your schedules for each zone, Boost or reduce temperatures, or activate Away Mode.


Save energy – and see the difference

Over 80% of home energy consumption is through heating and hot water, so any changes you make here to save energy, big or small, can significantly reduce your energy costs:

  • Save up to 24% energy by using Away Mode ad IFTTT (presence detection) to avoid heating an empty home
  • Save up to 18% more energy by embracing multizone heating control with smart radiator thermostats
  • Save 7% more energy with Wiser’s Eco Mode


A smart upgrade to Wiser and making the most of the energy-saving features could mean a reduction in your heating energy usage by up to 50%! Find out more about how Wiser smart heating can save energy.

See the difference that Wiser’s Smart Modes are making in the Insights & Heat Report  section of the Wiser App, isn’t that satisfying? On top of that, most of our customers report their Wiser system pays for itself in energy saved within just 3 years or less.




Total smart heating control – whatever happens

Plans have a habit of changing, but it’s our belief that it should never hamper your energy saving efforts or compromise your comfort at home.

Leaving for a trip? Activate Away Mode in a couple of taps of the Wiser App, from anywhere in the world via your smartphone.

Working late? Delay your heating and re-activate when you’re heading home, for a warm and welcoming return.

Surprise guests? With multizone control you’ll never need to heat an unused room, but heat it up anytime via the app.


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How do I make my home a Wiser home?

There’s a Wiser Thermostat Kit for practically every home and system type, try our Product Selector tool today to find the right solution for you, see our trusted selling partners, or buy through one of our Wiser Approved installers.