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Is zoned heating worth it?

It sounds like a great idea to have the ability to control the heating in each room of your home individually with a ‘zoned’ heating system, but is it worth the investment?


You may be under the impression that changing your standard home heating to a zoned smart system costs thousand, but that isn’t the case. Wiser smart heating is an affordable upgrade and you could save the equivalent of your initial investment in energy savings in as little as 3 years, with several other benefits for your household. Find out how Wiser smart heating controls could save you almost 50% on your energy usage.


Zone your home heating easily with Wiser

Unlike some smart systems, ‘zoning’ your home with Wiser is very straightforward. Our smart radiator thermostats fit to your existing radiator valves and still allow manual control, but more importantly they can be controlled remotely via the smart room thermostat or the Wiser App, available for download on both Apple and Android devices.


In smaller home or flats, zoned heating may not be essential for you to keep on top of your usage and make adjustments, but the bigger the space, the bigger the energy savings that you can make. Zoned heating could be particularly beneficial for you if your home is regularly empty, such as if all members of the household are out at work and school each day. If you occasionally arrive home at different times – maybe you’re working overtime or decide to visit a friend on the way home – having the ability to turn off the heating in some or all rooms remotely will save you money.


Buying Wiser - expandable smart heating

With more control comes more potential for energy savings, and the great news is that our products are easily expandable when you want to enhance your control further, so there’s no need to buy everything at once. At the moment, our Multi-zone heating kits are available for under £200 and feature a Smart Room Thermostat, a Heat Hub and two Smart Radiator Thermostats.


Once you’ve got to grips with your new easy-to-use Wiser smart heating, the system can then be expanded at your leisure with additional radiator thermostats, room thermostats and Wiser Smart Plugs (which also act as signal boosters) available to buy individually. All Wiser smart products are available to buy now from our trusted selling partners.