Wireless Smart Room Thermostat

Simplicity is at the heart of Wiser. From clean contemporary design, to ease of installation and ease of use, the smart room thermostat encompasses everything a smart device should.

Clever features with Wiser

The Wiser room thermostat is the key starting point for your smart heating system, an Intelligent Upgrade that lets you set temperature schedules for each day of the week. For ease of use, you can copy schedules across multiple days or set individual room schedules. Experience maximum energy savings in total comfort:

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Wireless device with a table stand included

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App control

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LCD display with set temperature & current temperature

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Touch to boost/adjust temperature

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Works with Amazon Alexa & the Google Assistant

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Humidity sensor

Our Smart Room Thermostat Kits

The smart room thermostat is available as part of our Wiser Thermostat Kits. Read more below or try our Product Selector to find the ideal kit for you. A full list of stockists is available on our Where to Buy page and Find A Wiser Approved Installer Here.

Wiser Thermostat Kit 1

The perfect solution if you have a combi boiler (no separate hot water control).

  • One single-channel Heat HubR
  • One Room Thermostat

RRP £139.99

Wiser Thermostat Kit 2

This is the kit for you if you have a conventional boiler (with separate hot water control).

  • One dual-channel Heat HubR
  • One Room Thermostat

RRP £149.99

Wiser Thermostat Kit 3

Have you got a conventional boiler with two heating zones already? This is the kit for you!

  • One three-channel Heat HubR
  • Two Room Thermostats

RRP £219.99

Use our Product Selector to find the right kit for you

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Smarter features with Wiser

Smart thermostats from Wiser incorporate smart features to make your life easier. Be smart with your Wiser heating product and take full control of your heating from anywhere in the world. Our Wiser App is simple and easy to use for everyone, but our Support Team is always here to help! The key smart features of our wireless thermostats are:

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The App


The Wiser Heat App lets you control your heating and hot water anywhere in the world via your smartphone. Wiser utilises Wireless Heating Controls and all its functions are just a swipe away. Wiser Insights & Heat Report provides easy-to-read feedback on your system and shows you how to become more energy efficient with your heating.

Find out more about our Wiser App Here.

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Smart Control

The wireless room thermostat works with the voice assistants Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant. Just say 'Alexa, set the living room to 21°c' when you want your heating adjusted, or you can turn hot water on or off. You can also add functionality for more automation, like geofencing using IFTTT integration.


Discover how to achieve Smart Home Integration With Wiser.

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Wiser Modes

The Wiser smart thermostat includes three energy saving Smart Modes - Eco Mode, Comfort Mode and Away Mode - all meticulously developed to save you energy and money. Open Window Detection is a clever extra mode that switches the heating off when a draught from an open window is detected. Open Window Detection Mode prevents wasted energy and could lower your energy bills.


Browse through the Wiser Smart Modes Here.

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Make your home smarter

Once you have a Wiser Room Thermostat Kit, home personalisation is at your fingertips. Our Radiator Thermostats are extra products that install easily to any radiators, providing multizone control. Set schedules for each room individually to suit your lifestyle with multizone heating control.


The Wiser system offers complete flexibility to build your truly smart home.  As a fully expandable system you can enhance your control by adding more devices at your leisure.


You can find more information about a Wiser Smart Home Here.