To make sure you get the most out of your Wiser Radiator Thermostats we have compiled a few recommendations to get you started.  

Optimal Performance

If you are looking for the highest levels of comfort and energy saving it is recommended that you have a Wiser Radiator Thermostat on every radiator. This allows you to personalise not only the temperature, but the on and off times of each room independently. So, if you don’t use a spare room you don’t waste energy. If you want to maintain a consistent temperature in a nursery, you can do it. If you want it cooler in the bedroom than the living room, Wiser can make it happen.

Minimum Requirements

To start your multi-room system you need a minimum of two radiator thermostats. Where you position these will vary depending on your personal requirements – energy saving, comfort, health reasons? To find out the best positioning for your needs see the user guide.

Build Your System

Remember, the more radiator thermostats you have, the Wiser your system will be. Once you have your initial Multi-zone Kit you can add radiator thermostats at any point and build your full system as and when you are ready.

Select your kit


Installing Wiser Radiator Thermostats couldn’t be easier if you have existing Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs). Simply screw the existing head off, and screw your new thermostat on. If you don’t have existing TRVs you will need the help of a plumber.