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18th - 24th January 2021 is The Big Energy Saving Week #BESW

Find out how much energy you could Save with Smart Thermostats, and other tips!

Drayton's Big Energy Saving Week

Whether you’re working from home, or are still out and about, Winter can take its toll on your energy bills. As part of The Big Energy Saving Winter by Citizens Advice, a national campaign to help UK homeowners cut their energy bills, Wiser is sharing hints and tips on how to save energy.

Get energy efficient smart heating controls on your to-do list.


Nobody likes winter energy bills and now more than ever, it’s important to check with your energy provider to ensure you’re getting the best tariff, and switch suppliers if you're not.

Find out more at Citizens Advice


Talking of checking, did you know that turning your heating setpoints down by just 1°C could save you up to £75 a year? Smart thermostats make this easy via a smart phone app.

The Wiser Heat app


Heating accounts for 80% of home energy consumption. Take control of your heating with a smart thermostat from Wiser and stay cosy while saving energy. Check out our blog for more ways to save energy.

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3 easy ways to save with Wiser


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Install Wiser Radiator Thermostats

Save 18% more energy by installing smart radiator thermostats to control heating room-to-room.


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Enable IFTTT

Save 24% more energy* by enabling Away Mode via IFTTT (presence detection).

*Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics

Icon of the Wiser smart heating Eco Mode

Turn on Eco Mode

Save 7% more energy* by enabling Eco Mode the learning feature

*Research by Schneider Electric

Wiser Customers See Proven Energy Savings

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Renovating Number 88

"Our youngest daughter’s bedroom is particularly cold compared to the rest of the house, so it’s fantastic that we are able to heat her room separately, rather than heating the whole house unnecessarily and wasting energy."

The Nardini Family

“We had Wiser fitted just before the start of winter and our energy consumption dropped considerably, saving about 15-20% on our gas bill. The thermostats and our ability to independently control different rooms was the main reason for saving on energy costs, particularly in the older part of the house which is the heart of our home and was susceptible to draughts.”

The Renovation Sisters

“It has been so handy for us to be able to set different temperatures for different rooms, at different times. Whilst we’ve been working from home, we’ve set the kitchen diner to 21° throughout the day, while keeping the heating turned off in the lounge and bedrooms, and have different schedules for the rooms we use most in the evenings."

Minimising Energy Consumption At Drayton

Drayton, as part of Schneider Electric, has committed to achieveing net zero emissions by 2050. One of the key ways we'll meet this goal is to reduce our energy consumption, so we've embarked on a long term project and we've already made significant energy reductions in our factory in Plymouth, UK, where Wiser smart thermostat systems and many other Drayton products are manufactured.