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Renovating Number 88: How Wiser Enhances This Dream Home Renovation

Renovating a home is a huge undertaking, but it’s an exciting opportunity to completely personalise your home, add features that ensure comfort and efficiency, and let you flex your creative muscles, transforming a house to a home for generations to come.


From Dated To Dream Home

West Yorkshire couple, Jess and Brad, and their two young children moved into their 1930s three-bedroom property in 2019. Having hunted down this prime renovation project with bags of potential, Jess and Brad set to work creating their dream family home.

It wasn’t just the décor that wanted a revamp, a full electrical rewire was needed as well as an update to the plumbing throughout.


Home Improver. Energy Saver. Wiser.

With the house stripped back to bare brick, it was an ideal opportunity to not only reconfigure the layout to suit modern family life, like creating open-plan living spaces, but also add some convenient smart home technology; amongst their selections were smart TV's, Amazon Echo smart speakers and a Wiser multi-room smart heating control system to ensure optimum efficiency in their upgraded plumbing and heating. Wiser also integrates seamlessly with Amazon Alexa to provide voice-controlled heating.

Jess and Brad added Smart Radiator Thermostats throughout their home to control and schedule the heating room-to-room from the app, so they'll never have to heat rooms when they're not in use.


Easier. Better. Wiser.

The renovation has breathed new life into the property, an investment which will serve this young family well for their bright future. With the help of Wiser, they also enjoy warmer, More Efficient and More Convenient room-to-room heating control.

“The Wiser system definitely makes life that bit easier and as a busy mum to two young children and a puppy, that’s a winner for me! Our youngest daughter’s bedroom is particularly cold compared to the rest of the house, so it’s fantastic that we are able to heat her room separately, rather than heating the whole house unnecessarily and wasting energy.

“It’s benefitted us in many ways and it’s particularly handy come bath time, when I’m upstairs with the children getting them ready and want to warm the bathroom up before they get in. I no longer have to stop the bath running and pop downstairs to turn the heating on or up and can simply do it from my phone in seconds – making the whole routine much easier.”

- Jess, @number88renovation


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