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Earth Hour 2021: How Smart Thermostats Can Help

Earth Hour 2021 begins at 8:30 pm on the 27th of March. So, how could a Smart Thermostat by Wiser help your household save energy and money for this year’s event (and beyond)? Discover this and our other Energy Saving tips for Earth Hour below!

What is Earth Hour?

Earth Hour is an annual event, headed by WWF, that occurs every year at 8:30 pm GMT on the last Saturday of March. Across the globe, millions of people switch off household lights and electronic devices in a display that aims to raise awareness of issues such as climate change.

This year the event will be moving more online due to COVID-19. In addition to switching off lights, the Earth Hour organisers are also encouraging participants to share a “must-watch” video that can be posted on their social media page on the day.

How can a Wiser Smart Thermostat help?

According to the European Commission, heating and hot water account for almost 80% of total household energy use in the EU. So, making this more efficient is arguably the best way that you can help to contribute to this year’s Earth Hour. And that’s where smart heating can help.

Whether it’s with a Wiser room thermostat or Our Smart TRVs, we can ensure that you save energy comfortably and conveniently this year. In fact, our heating controls and Smart Modes can save your household almost 50% on its energy usage. You can do this through our eco settings and by scheduling your heating system to best suit you with the Wiser App. This can allow you to save money on your long-term energy bills whilst ensuring that you’re ready for Earth Hour!

What else can I do?

Smart thermostats offer a Great Way to be Greener this year. But, there are many things that you could do this year to acknowledge Earth Hour, such as:

  • Visit the Earth Hour Official Website and take part in their online event
  • Switch off or dim your lights at 8:30 pm on the 27th March
  • Don’t leave electrical devices on or in standby mode when not in use (see how Smart Plugs can help here)
  • Share what you learn with friends and family and get more people involved!

Did you know? World Water Day is also in March. See what you can to Help with Wiser Here