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A Guide to Wiser’s Wireless Central Heating Controls

For those who may find the idea of wireless central heating controls a little confusing, we’re here to help you understand how enhanced control with Wiser can benefit you.



Wireless central heating controls come in difference forms, but the most common and most popular form is the smart room thermostat. By taking control of a room thermostat from an app such as Wiser Heat, you can personalise the way you heat your home simply and easily from your mobile, whether you’re home or away.

With wireless central heating controls, you have the ability to set different heating schedules and temperatures in individual rooms, so everyone at home is comfortable at their preferred temperature. Now doesn’t that sound perfect? In a full household, everyone is bound to want differing temperatures, which can be tricky for bigger families – Wireless central heating controls can make it simple with room-to-room heating control. 

As well as enhanced comfort for all, use your new-found level of control to save money when no-one’s home. If the heating does not need to be on, with the simple click of a button you can change the set temperatures wherever you are in the world, whether you’re at work or on holiday.


The Wiser Central Heating Control App

The Wiser App is your control platform that communicates with our smart room and radiator thermostats, giving you total control of your home’s heating:

Wiser app controls include: 

  • Boost – Two clicks and you can boost temperatures for a selected time
  • Away Mode – Make sure you don’t waste a penny when you’re away from home
  • Schedule – Tweak schedules when away from home or arriving home early or late
  • Multi-zone control – Heat up spare rooms for guests arriving at short notice

The Wiser app also features the Smart Modes, specifically designed to help you run your heating more efficiently, ensuring you never waste money over-heating your home and your comfort is never compromised. Learn more about the Wiser app.


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