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Haunt Your Home with Smart Plugs this Halloween

When it comes to setting up the best, most frightening Halloween decorations, creativity is key! Whilst it’s going to be a very different experience this year, creating outside-of-the-box decorations will still make Halloween special in 2020. With this in mind, we want to show you how Wiser smart plugs can help you set up uniquely spooky shows!


Unleash the potential of your Halloween decorations with smart plugs

There are many benefits of smart plugs, but a lesser-known helpful tip is how they can help on Halloween! Each of our plugs gives you complete control over an electronic decoration, so with multiple devices you can control the whole show, switching each one on and off from your phone to unsettle the neighbours, without running around doing it manually!

Pairing smart plugs with motion or contact sensors can really take your decorations to the next level. You could have lights or sound effects that only activate on approach, for instance, allowing you to truly increase the freakiness this October!


Smart convenience

By understanding what smart plugs can do, the convenience they can offer around major holidays like Halloween and Christmas is significant. When it comes to decorations, smart plugs are easier to program than manual timers, with schedules that can be adjusted at any time using the Wiser App. This means that your Halloween lights won’t be left on all day and night. In addition, our smart plugs feature smart speaker connectivity, giving you voice command control!


Get spooky, save energy

Making your home spooktacular id just one advantage of using smart plugs this year. The other major benefit is a more energy efficient Halloween and Christmas. These devices make scheduling decorations easier and more accurate, helping you save money on your energy bills this Autumn and WInter. Your safety and digital security is paramount; WIser Plugs help prevent electrical devices from being left on for prolonged period of time and are secure against digital threats.


Wiser smart plugs

Our devices can improve your home comfort and convenience this Halloween and beyond. Learn more about smart plugs or visit our Support Page for helpful advice and read our FAQs. We wish a happy Halloween and look forward to seeing the creative (and terrifying) decorations that you come up with!