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What do Smart Plugs do?

On the surface, they’re arguably some of the most minimalistic Smart Home Products out there. The only thing that smart plugs directly control is whether a device is on, or off. So, how are they so important? 


How do Smart Plugs work? 

By plugging one into a UK electrical socket, and then plugging a device into the smart plug, the user can then control that device without using a manual ‘on/off’ power button. Up to 10 Smart Plugs can be controlled on one smartphone, using the Wiser Home App . Then, any device plugged into one can be activated or deactivated anytime, anywhere. 


What are Smart Plugs compatible with? 

Smart plugs are compatible with any electronic device that can be plugged into a standard UK socket. Due to the increased control that they allow for, it’s recommended to use them on regular devices that don’t have built-in smart features. As a result, Smart Plugs by Wiser can give the user simple, easy-to-use features and settings on devices including lights, TVs, speakers, kitchen appliances and more. 

You can see some of our examples below.   


What can they do for your home? 


Devices connected to smart plugs can be checked on the Wiser app, so devices left on by mistake can be turned off from anywhere. You can also schedule devices for added convenience; a kettle can be set to turn on while you wake up, or a slow cooker before you get home to make dinner. It can all add up to make your daily routine that much easier. 



As discussed in our  Five Ways Smart Plugs Will Change Your Life, they can be used with devices such as lamps or TVs to increase home security. Leaving something like this on (even just for an hour or so) can deter would-be burglars while you’re away, acting as an additional security measure. 


Links with other smart devices 

Thanks to  Amazon Alexa  and the  Google Assistant,  Wiser Plugs  – like our thermostats – can be controlled with simple voice commands.  

By using  IFTTT Integration  and geofencing you can schedule devices connected to Wiser Plugs to be triggered on or off automatically when you leave your home, without needing to use the app. Indeed, IFTTT and our smart plugs can even be useful when it comes to home fitness, which you can Read About Here


Energy Savings 

Better control can help you reduce energy bills. Automatically turn off devices that are frequently left on or that consume energy in standby mode using a smart plug. This is one of the most effective ways to boost your home’s energy efficiency. You might be surprised by the savings they can help you make. 


Smart Plugs by Wiser 

Wiser Plugs go beyond just turning devices on and off. Smart plugs help tailor your smart home to your lifestyle and improve home efficiency, saving you energy and money. Find more on  Wiser Plugs Here  or read our  FAQs  today.