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How Eco-Efficient are Electric Radiators?

When it comes to Eco-Efficiency, many believe that electric radiators are the future of Smart Heating. Indeed, as the world moves away from fossil fuel energy, electric power seems to be viewed as the sustainable alternative for heating our homes. But electric radiators can vary quite a bit, and if this is the case, how can you be sure that you have the most eco-efficient heating solution for your property? 

The types of Electric Radiator  

Electric radiators come in a variety of forms that feature different power sources. Some of these include: 

  • Plug-In Heaters – These are portable heating devices that are plugged into a mains socket 

  • Infrared Heaters – Designed to target cold spaces in a room, rather than warming a whole area 

  • Electric Towel Radiators – A common form of an electric radiator, often found in bathrooms 

  • Smart Electric Radiators – A device similar to the above, but fitted with smart heating controls 


Are they sustainable? 

When it comes to any of these devices, harmful substances aren’t produced in the conversion of electricity to heat. This applies to a host of electric-powered objects, which is why electric radiators, cars, and other products are sometimes described as being ‘clean’ when in use. 


However, the true sustainability of any electric radiator will come down to two factors: your power source and the efficiency of your heating controls. The former is something that is out of the control of most households. After all, whether your home’s fuel source is renewable will depend on where you live in the UK, as well as what your local area is planning to do to reach Net Zero Targets.    


Thus, your heating controls are the main variable that’s in your hands when it comes to having eco-efficient electric radiators. This is where smart controls come in, as these allow you to Program and Monitor your Heating Remotely, which makes it easier to reduce energy wastage. As a result, smart heating controls make your home more eco-friendly whilst also Saving You up to £450 a Year on Bills

Cost-Effective Electric Heating 

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