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How to Improve Heating Efficiency Without Replacing Your Boiler

While upgrading to a more modern, energy-efficient boiler will significantly boost heating efficiency, they are a big investment, and it’s not always necessary. So, what are other strategies for homeowners on how best to avoid heat loss?

There are many practical ways to ensure you’re getting the most out of your existing heating system and reducing home heat loss — even small changes can add up to substantial energy bill savings.

Insulation Improves Heating Efficiency

One of the best ways to reduce home heat loss is to properly insulate your home, focusing particularly on your walls and roof.

Wall Insulation

Approximately one-third of the heat in an uninsulated home escapes through walls. To combat this, there are two primary types of wall insulation, depending on your home:

  • Cavity Wall Insulation: Professionals inject insulation material from the outside, filling the cavity with materials like mineral wool, polystyrene beads, or polyurethane foam.
  • Solid Wall Insulation: While more expensive than cavity insulation, this method can be applied to your home's interior or exterior.

Roof Insulation

About a quarter of your home's heat can be lost through the roof if it's not properly insulated. Fortunately, if your loft is easy to access and doesn’t suffer from damp, you can tackle the project yourself to save money on both installation costs and energy bills!

You can roll out mineral wool insulation between the joists but remember not to cover any essential ventilation when installing.

Draught Reduction To Reduce Home Heat Loss

Draught-proofing is a cost-effective method to save energy, reducing the heat lost through small gaps in your home. Here are the most common sources of draughts and how to avoid heat loss:

  • Windows: Upgrade to triple glazing where possible and use self-adhesive foam strips along the seals where the windows open.
  • Fireplaces: If not in use, cap the chimney or use a draught excluder. Remember to take the draught reduction off the chimney if you want to use the fire!
  • Doors: Consider using a purpose-made keyhole cover, a letterbox flap or brush, and foam/brush strips for the edges of your door.

Smart Thermostat

Lastly, a brilliant way to reduce home heat loss without upgrading your boiler is to install a smart thermostat. This device can dramatically improve heating efficiency through:

  • Personalised heating schedules that automatically turn down the heat while you’re away at work.
  • Data insights to show your energy usage and trends.
  • Multi-zone heating, so you only heat the rooms that you use the most.

By improving your home's insulation and reducing the draughts, you can save on your energy bills without the large price tag of a brand-new boiler.

If you’d like to take your home's heating efficiency to the next level with a smart thermostat, Learn more about the smart home heating technology we offer at Wiser here.