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New Home? Make sure it has Smart Thermostats!

I recently moved into a new home and it’s generally nicer than the last place I lived in. BUT, whilst my old house had Wiser Smart Thermostats that connected via their HubR right to my smartphone, this place simply has a traditional thermostat that cannot be programmed. At first, I thought this wouldn’t be a big deal, but I’ve ended up installing Wiser thermostats within a month. Here are the main things I noticed when I didn’t have a Wi-Fi controlled heating system.


Unexpected Chilliness

Not being able to pre-set my heating just as it has started to get very cold was horrible. I quickly began to dread leaving work as I knew I’d be greeted with several chilly rooms within my house. With my Wiser Smart Thermostats, I’d scheduled everything exactly how I wanted it, with different rooms being at my various ideal temperatures for when I would be in them, but having to adjust everything manually every time I was cold in the evenings was a pain.


… And then it was usually too warm.

A big issue with going back to a Wi-Fi connectionless thermostat was that my model didn’t let you set an exact temperature – instead, most rooms had various numbered radiator valves. This would usually mean that, after braving the cold and manually switching on my central heating, I could never find a setting that gave the right temperature for me. Subsequently, I would often be too hot in most rooms by the end of an evening. Losing my Smart Thermostat made finding my ideal room temperature, a thing I never even knew I had, extremely difficult with a normal system.


Missing the App

I know it makes me sound a bit boring, but I really enjoyed checking and changing my rooms temperatures through my smartphone! Part of this appeal definitely came from how effortless it was to change my heating settings. Losing that, as I’ve mentioned, has meant lots of wasted effort manually turning everything on and off. But I used the Wiser App for so much more. From checking out the Heat Report to see where I was wasting energy, to integrating my central heating schedules to other smart systems on other apps with IFTTT, I missed the control I had with Smart Thermostat that could connect to my Wi-Fi.


The Cost!

During the first few weeks of life at my new house, I have been fairly conscious of switching things off when they’re not in use so I can save some money on my bills. However, all the times I was messing with the thermostat or left it on for too long by mistake, used energy that I never used to waste with Wiser. That has sadly meant a noticeably higher bill for heating a new house that is very similar size and spec-wise to my old place.

A thermostat that can be connected and controlled via Wi-Fi saves more money over time than I initially realised, so upgrading back to Wiser as soon as possible was pretty much a necessity by the end of the month!  


New Home? New Thermostat!

If your new home doesn’t come fitted with a smart thermostat or you’re looking to replace the smart system already in place, Wiser provides the perfect solution for you. Visit our product selector page to look at what products would benefit you!