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Moving House: Can I take Smart Thermostats with me?

Moving house can be both an exciting and extremely stressful time in our lives. As smart technology aims for simplicity and convenience, many of your existing smart home devices can be packed up and taken with you. But some things require a few extra steps to remove and reinstall in your new surroundings. Smart Home Thermostats fall into this category, so moving with them needs some consideration.


Can I take Smart Home Thermostats with me?

Wiser’s smart home thermostats can be taken with you to a new location if needed, in a similar way to smart security and lighting systems. To ensure everything moves over seamlessly and that your smart heating system is ready to go in your new home, we recommend Finding An Installer to remove your kit and reinstall it.


Why you might decide to leave your thermostats

Whilst it’s possible to move house with them, you might also decide to leave your smart home thermostats in your old home, and there are several reasons you might do this. 


An important one is that, unless clearly stated, potential buyers might assume that pre-installed smart thermostats are included with the property. Removing them could cause confusion or even legal issues unless carried out before viewings begin.


Another incentive for leaving smart heating systems in place when moving house is that, as the above suggests, it can increase your property’s value when selling. Many prospective buyers find Smart Home Renovations appealing and they’re fast becoming mainstream in UK homes. When the benefits include better efficiency and convenience, you might find leaving your smart thermostats could make landing a buyer quicker and easier!


Whatever you decide to do, Wiser Protects Your Privacy by making it easy to remove your data from an old location, and setting up smart heating in a new home can be equally as convenient. 


What smart home technology is easy to move

Thankfully there are several smart home devices that are incredibly simple to move and do not impact the potential value of your home. Smart Plugs, for example, are easy to remove and reset using a Smartphone App, and this is the same for speakers or even larger products like TVs. Wiser’s Smart TRVs can also be moved effortlessly, as they fit virtually any radiator in your next home (make sure you keep hold of the included adaptors).