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Smart Heating Modes Explained

In the UK, many homeowners are transforming their central heating by investing in a smart thermostat to personalise their heating and save energy. But the magic of smart heating doesn't end there — homeowners can use smart heating modes to fine-tune their heating schedules and save even more money on their monthly bills.

What is a Smart Thermostat Mode?

At their core, smart thermostat modes automate and enhance your home’s heating schedules using specific parameters. These aren't manual knobs or buttons but intuitive systems that adjust according to your lifestyle and preferences, ensuring optimum comfort while conserving energy.

What Can Smart Heating Modes Do?

With the Wiser system, there are three thermostat modes that you can enable via the app anytime and anywhere, to save money on energy bills without sacrificing comfort.

Away Mode

If you’re going out for the day or even away on holiday, there’s no need to switch your heating off completely — no one wants to return to a freezing cold house!

Away Mode is a smart heating mode that helps your home save energy without letting the ambient temperature drop too much. When you switch on Away Mode, the heating mode drops all setpoints to your chosen lower level and automatically overrides any schedules, so you don’t need to fiddle with any of your daily settings.

The convenience of Away Mode goes one step further when integrated with IFTTT (explained below). Using geofencing, your smart thermostat can recognise when your smartphone has left your home and automatically switch on Away Mode. When you pull up on your drive, the thermostat’s Away Mode is automatically switched off, and your home will return to your previously set schedules without you having to lift a finger.

There are a wide range of benefits to using Away Mode, including:

  • Next-level convenience: Away Mode can be activated automatically using geofencing through IFTTT, ensuring your home adjusts its temperature settings the moment you leave, without you having to change anything.
  • Save money effortlessly: By automatically overriding your pre-set heating schedules and turning your heating down low until you come home, you’ll use up to 14% less energy*.
  • Increase security: By using smart plugs you can choose to include your smart lighting in your Away Mode settings or leave it set to your current schedule — so you can deter would-be intruders by making your home appear occupied.
  • Peace of mind when you’re away: Whether at work or on the other side of the world, you’ll know that your house is at its minimum ambient temperature, especially in colder months when freezing pipes are a concern.

Eco Mode

The brilliance of smart heating lies in how it helps to make your home more sustainable — Eco Mode is a thermostat mode that helps to take that one step further.

This heating mode, designed for maximum efficiency, intelligently studies your home's thermal characteristics, understanding how it responds to temperature fluctuations. By combining this data with the external temperature, Eco Mode can determine the best time to switch the boiler off. If it predicts the temperature will remain within a comfortable range, the boiler is turned off ahead of schedule.

The result? Your home maintains your preferred temperature consistently throughout the set schedule while reducing the boiler's operational time.

By using Eco Mode, you’ll be running your smart heating system un the most economical way as the little savings mount up to make a big difference. Using this smart heating mode alone has helped UK households save 2% more energy on average (based on a study by Schneider Electric).

While it’s clear to see the financial benefits of switching on Eco Mode, there are other advantages to using this thermostat mode:

  • Sustainability without sacrifice: Eco Mode helps your home reduce energy consumption and its carbon footprint without leaving you to sit in the cold. Even with the boiler running for a shorter time, this smart heating mode knows how long the residual heat in your home will keep you toasty.
  • Seamless automation: Using Insights and algorithms, Eco Mode automatically knows when to switch off your boiler to keep your home at the right temperature for your schedules.
  • Lower energy bills: Less energy consumption directly translates to lower energy bills, putting more money in your pocket each month.
  • Intelligent adaptability: Eco Mode adjusts based on external factors like weather conditions, ensuring your home remains comfortable even during sudden temperature changes or particularly cold winters.

Comfort Mode

Comfort Mode is an intelligent thermostat mode that learns how long it takes your home to warm up. With this data and a sophisticated algorithm, Wiser’s Comfort Mode turns on the boiler at the optimum time before your scheduled heating period to ensure your home reaches the set temperature right on time.

This means that instead of waiting for your home to heat up after the boiler switches on at the scheduled start time, your home will be toasty from the moment you need it.

There are a whole host of benefits to running the Comfort heating mode in your home, including:

  • Predictive comfort: Instead of starting to heat when you want warmth, it ensures the warmth is already there, reducing waiting times especially in colder months.
  • Energy efficiency: While Comfort Mode's primary goal is reliable warmth, its predictive nature means that the heating system doesn't run longer than necessary, helping conserve energy and reduce energy bills.
  • Automatic adjustment: Comfort Mode doesn’t require any manual intervention — simply switch the smart heating mode on, and Wiser will do the rest.
  • Compatible with Eco Mode: When used in conjunction with Eco Mode, Comfort Mode not only ensures your home is warm right when you need it but also optimises energy usage, offering both comfort and efficiency.

Smart Heating Mode FAQs

What is IFTTT?

IFTTT, an acronym for "If This Then That", serves as a bridge between different apps, devices, and services, allowing them to integrate and communicate seamlessly. Essentially, it creates customised automation sequences that take your smart home experience to the next level.

When looking at smart heating modes, IFTTT plays a pivotal role, especially in Away Mode. Integrating IFTTT with your smart thermostat allows for advanced features like geofencing, meaning as soon as your smartphone moves out of a set radius around your home, your smart heating automatically triggers Away Mode.

This ensures that even if you forget to adjust your heating when leaving, the system will automatically optimise itself, enhancing energy efficiency and providing peace of mind.

Which Heating Mode is Better: Comfort or Eco?

While traditional heating systems often make you choose between comfort and efficiency, Wiser's smart thermostat modes allow you to activate its Eco and Comfort thermostat modes in tandem.

This approach ensures that your boiler operates at its peak efficiency, offering you the best of both worlds: an energy-saving heating system that reduces your energy bills while maintaining your desired comfort level.

Now you can harness Eco-Friendly Heating that can lower your energy bills, without sacrificing comfort!

Enjoy Better Comfort and Efficiency with Smart Heating Modes From Wiser

Whether you're away from home, striving to reduce your carbon footprint, seeking the perfect cosy environment, or all of the above, Wiser's heating modes help your smart thermostat adapt your home to your unique needs.

Step into a smarter, greener, and more cost-effective way to live by upgrading your heating system to a smart thermostat from Wiser — find the right kit for your home here.