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Sustainable Energy Source Under Threat, Says GEM

The UK has committed to fighting climate change to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2050. Switching to sustainable energy sources will play a significant role in reaching Net Zero, but there are some challenges ahead for the UK’s green energy goals. 


One of the main ways to get to Net Zero is through the UN SDG 7 — one of the Sustainable Development Goals that the United Nations has set out. The UN SDG 7 ensures “access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all”, but with new plans from the UK government, reaching these goals through decarbonising energy is now at risk. 

Moving from coal to oil & gas is not sustainable 


By reducing our reliance on coal, we can reduce CO2 emissions and work towards supplying sustainable and modern energy to homes in the UK. However, with new oil and gas projects in the North Sea, researchers from Global Energy Monitor have calculated that the resulting release of methane, a more damaging greenhouse gas, could mean the UK surpasses its legally-binding carbon budget. 


The UK government has said it is committed to reaching Net Zero through decarbonising energy but awarding new licences for North Sea Oil and Gas will put the move towards sustainable energy under threat and push ‘Net Zero by 2050’ out of reach.  

What does this mean for the future of home heating? 

With so much uncertainty around sustainable energy sources and heating being the single largest source of carbon emissions in the UK, the future of green home heating and reduced carbon emissions is undoubtedly under threat.  


Smart heating systems, better insulation and heat pumps can help to reduce the amount of energy needed and, therefore, the carbon emitted from each household. However, without a bigger commitment to decarbonise energy from the government, experts predict that we may fall short of the UN SDG 7 and Net Zero goals set out. 

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