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Tips to Save Energy Whilst on Holiday

There are many ways that you can reduce your bills, even when you’re not in the house. Here’s our advice for making significant energy savings whilst you’re on holiday this year. 

Unplugging: Things you should turn off 

One of the most popular ways to save energy whilst out of the house is to switch off or unplug unused devices. Small electrical appliances, such as chargers, hairdryers, and alarm clocks, can all use energy if left plugged in. Additionally, there are also larger appliances and systems that you should consider switching off including: 

  • Kitchen equipment – Microwaves, kettles, blenders, coffee makers, and ovens 

  • Living room devices – TVs, consoles, speakers, and unused Smart Home Technology 

  • Water systems – Electric water heaters can be switched off, whilst your water supply can also be turned off at the mains to prevent damage 

  • Lights – Turn off as many as possible and schedule smart lights if you use them for security 

Leaving things on 

Rather than switching everything off, some household items can run efficiently to you save you energy during your holidays. For instance, Smart Room Thermostats can be left on ‘Away Mode’ to maintain a temperature that isn’t too low. This is one of many Smart Mode Features that Wiser heating controls can provide. 

Meanwhile, another device that you should leave on is the refrigerator, and there are several energy-saving tips you can try for this appliance. Before you go on holiday, try to leave your fridge around three-quarters full as this can retain temperature more effectively. This can even be done with water containers instead of food. Another way to save energy through your fridge is to reduce the power setting of the appliance. 

General tips 

Lastly, some other ideas to lower your home’s energy waste might involve the following: 

  • Closing windows and shutters – Both of which will reduce heat loss 

  • Using smart devices – The Wiser App, for instance, can allow you to control your heating from your phone and check wastage through Insights & The Heat Report 

With the current Cost of Living Crisis, everything adds up when it comes to reducing your bills. Discover how you could Save up to £450 Annually with Wiser Here or, for more energy saving tips, Check Out This Article