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Why loved ones disagree about the temperature of their homes

We studied a group of 2,000 adults who live with their other half and found that a third disagreed over the temperature of their home heating.

The study showed that most couples have conflicting schedules to each other and therefore use the rooms in their home in different ways and times.

Focus group findings:

As a result, more than a third of people said if they were able to control the heating of the separate rooms they’re in, it would save lots of disagreements. With a quarter saying that they argue about how hot or cold the bedroom should be.

But don’t worry, there’s now a better way to control your heating that keeps everybody happy. Introducing Wiser… The easy to install smart heating system from Drayton. Cleverly designed with you in mind, Wiser comes with smart radiator thermostats that allow you and your partner to control individual room temperatures in every room in your home with a tap of the app.

Why you should choose Wiser

Our simple and affordable Smart Radiator Thermostats commonly known as Smart TRVs screw straight on to the top of your existing radiator valves. Simply unscrew your old TRV and add your new Wiser Radiator Thermostat and you don't have to drain you radiator to do this.  

Check out Wiser smart modes and discover how you can integrate Wiser smart heating controls with your heating system.