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The Intelligent Upgrade: From Wireless Programmable Room Thermostat to Smart Room Thermostat

Making the choice to upgrade your home’s heating controls may seem daunting. You may feel bombarded by technical jargon and endless features, which way do you turn and what’s the best system for you and your home?

Why upgraded heating controls will benefit you

The first thing to think about when upgrading is understanding the difference between your current system and what you want out of the new controls. Wireless programmable room thermostats may be battery or mains-powered with digital display for current and set-point temperatures.

The digital display device often has arrow buttons for the user to adjust the temperature via the unit itself. But the limitation of only being able to control your heating from physically making adjustments from this unit alone doesn’t provide optimal convenience.

By upgrading to a smart room thermostat you can control your home heating via a smartphone app, like the Wiser Heat App, for full control over your schedules and boosting temperature in every zone of your system whether you’re home or away; simply access the app from an internet-connected smartphone or tablet. In many systems you can also access feedback on your system’s performance, like the Wiser Heat Report, to help improve heating efficiency.

Another benefit of many smart thermostats like Wiser over a wireless programmable thermostat is the ability to control temperatures room-to-room, keeping the whole household comfortable whatever their needs, as well as improving efficiency by reducing heating in rooms not being used.

Wiser heating control App Features

The ability to control smart thermostat via heating control apps gives you a level of control that your standard wireless programmable room thermostat alone cannot. Always at your side and available whenever you need it, the heating control app from Wiser helps you stay in control, save money and maximise comfort from anywhere.

Wiser Heating App controls include:

  • Boost – Boost temperatures in any zone for a selected time
  • Away Mode – Don’t waste a penny when you’re away from home
  • Schedule – Fine-tune schedules to suit when you’ll be away from or arriving home
  • Multi-zone control – Heat up spare rooms for guest arrivals at short notice

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