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Wiser Explains: What Is Multi-Zone Heating?

Multi-zone heating enables you to essentially split your home into multiple zones with individual heating control, by using smart heating controls like Wiser and smart radiator thermostats.



From new builds to period properties, Wiser is easy to install by mounting the controller to the standard UK wallplate found across most existing central heating controls. Whether your boiler is combi or conventional, there’s a Wiser multi-zone kit for you and control up to 16 zones by adding more smart radiator thermostats. For example, if you have a guest room that’s not being used, you can turn down the heating in this room while keeping your master bedroom warm.


How can multi-zone heating benefit me?

Improved comfort, better energy efficiency and reduced heating bills are just some of the benefits of multi-zone heating.

With better control over your heating comes better comfort, as you’re no longer relying on a single temperature setting across the whole house. You’re free to be cosy and warm in the living room and set a lower temperature in the bedroom so it’s not stifling when you go to bed.

Reducing energy use doesn’t have to mean reducing comfort; by heating certain rooms less than others, you’ll save energy by tailoring the heating to your lifestyle – great for the environment, great for your bank balance. Winter can be an expensive time of year, but with Wiser you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’re maximising your heating efficiency with better control of your comfort.

If you’re new to smart heating controls, a seemingly more complex system of wireless devices could be intimidating at first. But with the Wiser app we’ve made it easy - you’ll have full visibility and control all in one place from your smartphone. To boost signal in any hard-to-reach zones, our new Wiser Plug not only boosts signal to Wiser devices, but also lets you control and schedule electrical appliances from the same Wiser app.


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