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It's Official, Wiser is Loved By Parents

We are thrilled to announce that Wiser has been presented with the 2019 Best Buy Award, by a trusted family focused online parenting magazine with over 600,000 followers. After trialling Wiser for over three months Loved by Parents concluded that the flexibility of Wiser, the smart heating system from Drayton, was “life changing” and has granted the British made product with its prestigious Best Buy status.

Loved by Parents praised the Wiser smart heating system saying that it “has been cleverly designed with families in mind"… "Gone are the days of walking into a freezing cold house or having to keep the heating on all day so to avoid it."

Wiser is easy to install from app to thermostat and combines smart wireless heating controls with simplicity, bringing you an altogether better and Wiser heating solution for your home.

The news outlet that has over 580,000 followers on Facebook alone, told us that it's made them wonder how they manged before.

“The app allows you to create rooms and set the temperature for each specific room through your wireless network. Installation was very straight forward.  The kit included a wireless thermostat and radiator valves. The thermostat lets us know the temperature in the room, which looks smart and is easy to read. Simple controls made the setup and usage very stress-free. I managed to attach the radiator valves with ease and they allow you to create room temperatures for each room without having to call in an engineer.”

Wiser is more than just beautifully designed smart product, Loved By Parents also noticed a dramatic saving in their energy bills. 

“It is also a very cost-effective way to save money as the heating is only on when we need it rather than being on all day. We have tested it over a 3-month period and even though I was slightly sceptical at first I would definitely recommend it to friends and family and wish we had only switched to Wiser sooner.” 

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Thinking of upgrading your heating system to a more energy efficient smart system? Be one of thousands every year who discover Wiser.

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